Life in the Wight House

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hanging out at Grandma Bartley's House

RJ playing the Nintendo Wii with his Uncles.

Savannah and Uncle Johnathan

Savannah & Great Grandfather Bartley

Playing with Makale at Grandpa Wight's House

RJ and Savannah got to see and play with their cousin, Makale, for the first time since Thanksgiving. (Thank you Lisa for taking cute pictures.)

RJ, Savannah, & Makale

First day of preschool 8/23/07

RJ started preschool. This was taken just before he left. He was so excited to go. First thing in the morning, he was ready to go and didn't want to take the time to have breakfast. He told me I couldn't go and jumped right out of the car waving good-bye. What a big boy!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reading with Daddy

Peach jam

RJ had a blast measuring ingredients to help us make peach jam.

Goodbye Jake & Justine

These are the two kids we have been watching this summer. The have left to go back home with their dad in Colorado. It has been an eventful summer having them around. The last episode was when Justine was mad at me because I wouldn't let her watch TV and so she ran away from me. I thought I would die from a heart attack before I was 30. Luckily we found her quickly.

Feeding the Horses

We have a crab apple tree and RJ has enjoyed cleaning the yard of fallen apples to feed the horses.

My First Quilt

This is the Quilt I have been working on for Savannah, thanks to a friend in the ward. I still have to bind it. It has been fun. Now I might need to get a sewing machine to make one for RJ.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun at the Youth Jam in Idaho Falls

We had a fun weekend. Jared went on a backpacking trip with a couple of friends from work. They hiked almost 30 miles (the hike was supposed to be 16 miles, the lost the trail a couple of times). But they all made it home safe and sound.

The kids and I visited with my Grandma Anderson, Friday. She was up here visiting my Aunt this past week. Forgot my camera, so no pictures with Grandma.

Saturday we went to the annual Youth Jam fair on the greenbelt along the snake river in Idaho Falls. They had many free art projects for the kids to do and a lot of venders. RJ had a lot of fun painting and creating stuff.

RJ painted on the big xylophone then got to play the keys.

Building a boat at the home depot booth.

Fun new apron, RJ was very excited about it. He says he is "Handy Manny" now.

RJ went into the Fish Pond to catch a fish, but the water was too cold and he wanted out. Here is his sad face because the water was to cold and he couldn't catch a fish.

Painting again.

We took Savannah's boat home to do so daddy could make up all the fun he missed.
As soon as daddy walked into the door, RJ was ready to build the boat. They had to put their aprons on, of course. And they were nice enough to let daddy shower first.

Savannah loved using the hammer and had a hard time sharing it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Scout Camp

Jared spent half the past week at Scout camp. We came up for a visit Friday night and RJ got to stay over that last night. They all stayed up so late that RJ wouldn't wake up the next morning as the scout were taking down camp. When it was time to take down the tents and RJ still wasn't up, Jared dragged him outside. RJ slept out on the ground for another 45 minutes while camp was cleaned up.

Our 3 Kids

RJ - 3 years
Is now potty trained, yea!
Loves camping, playing with friends, swimming, and loves playing games!
Imaginary friend, Buddy, still exists but you don't see as much of him anymore.
He is looking forward to visiting his grandparents at the end of the summer and starting preschool this fall.

Savannah- 1 year
Finally teething, not so fun!
Loves getting dirty, making messes, singing, and dancing and she loves her dog!
She is a good little eater and is always begging for food. Daddy calls her Miss piggy, but she is still so tiny.

Sally- 6 months
We have only had Sally for about 2 weeks.
Her mother was a Basset Hound. Father ?
She is great with the kids. Savannah adores her and any time Savannah is crying Sally is right there trying to comfort her. RJ on the other hand doesn't like her as much as we had hoped. To RJ's disappointment, Sally doesn't play fetch. Hopefully we can teach her soon.