Life in the Wight House

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cute kid

Me: finish your ice cream before you come inside
Zachery: I did, it's gone. I shared it with the sun. Now the sun is happy and I'm happy, cause it's nice to share

Zachery: twilight ( our cat) is almost my age!
Savannah: no she's not, she is 1 and you are 4!
Zachery: yes, she is! I can stand her up like a human and she is almost as big as me!
Savannah: oh Zac, you are so silly
Zachery: no I'm not, I'm cool! Because I a 4, duh!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Valentine's Celebration

This year we decided to forgo the store bought valentine's and get a little creative; but not too creative. I still wanted to keep it simple. So after looking at cute pinterest valentine ideas we decided on these cute, yet simple, fish bowl valentines.

I made sure all the kids agreed on the same valentine to make the simpleness of the holiday continue. So on Monday night we put our valentine's together and RJ created a robot Valentine mail box to collect his valentines in.

For Valentine's Day the kids each got a new book and a box of chocolates from us.

I was surprised with some chocolate covered strawberries and a love note for my sweet husband.

Then it was off to school. The kids had fun celebrating at their schools. Zach had joy school at our house and we had a fun valentine's party with all his friends. We played games and decorated cookies and Valentines bags. And then passed out our valentines.

At the end of the day we hopped in the car and took off for D.C. to pick Grandma up from the airport.