Life in the Wight House

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bosie for the Weekend

Jared had Friday off and we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some somewhat warmer weather, since we missed out CA trip. My cousin, Josh was going to be competing at State for Gymnastics, so we decided to head up to Boise to watch him.

On the drive up we stopped to do our first Geo-Cache of the season. Not sure where this was. I wasn't really paying attention. But as you can see is was a nice clear day. Blue sky's and still some snow on the distant mountains.

Looking for the Cache. RJ hated walking through the brush. He was afraid that he was going to get hurt. I have such a chicken son.
Finding the Cache.

We found a travel bug inside. Savannah feel in love with this Turtle. He was hard to get her away from it. This Turtle wanted to go to Ocean City, Maryland. It had started in Southern CA and made its way up through Oregon and Washington and then over into Idaho. Jared is heading to Virgina this week so he is going to hide it in a Cache back there. It was hard for Savannah to depart from this new friend.
We took the easy road back to the car so we didn't have to hear RJ complain about the brush.
Savannah had to pick up all the rocks and through them. It made for a longer walk back to the car.
Finally a picture of all of us. This is very rare.
Look green grass! We stayed in a hotel on the river. This is of the view from the back entrance our room. We took a few walks around the river. It was a little chill, but so nice to be outside again.
On Saturday morning we took the kids to the Discover Center of Idaho (link). It was a lot of fun and RJ can't wait to come back again.
Looking at a gaint Yo-Y0. RJ thought this was very cool.

Playing with a robot
Seeing what will happen when the balls bounce on each other
They have a mini grocery store as well as a mini veterinarian center. This was RJ's favorite part.

Savannah loved watching the balls float in the air.

After a lot of coax we were able to get RJ to lay on this bed of nails. Once he realized that it didn't hurt, he thought it was the neatest thing.

We met up with Seth and family later that night to watch Josh's Gymnastic Meet.

Josh started Gymnastic last August. He started in Level 1 and was quickly booted up to level 4. He competed in 2 competition at this level and took first place in everything making all the parents upset. So again he was moved up. Now he is in level 5 and is still getting high scores.
Josh is the one in the middle. He took first place a State for his level and age group. He won't be going to regional, unfortunately because of lack of funds. Maybe next year.
The lighting was horrible and they had us take or flashes off. But there is a video below of Josh's floor routine. Congratulations Josh for taking State!

Josh's Floor Routine

Cleaning House

Well, we are all feeling better. I spent last week cleaning and disinfecting the house. It took all week just to get everything done.
It has been snowing off and on. We wake up and there is snow on the ground and by afternoon it is all melted. Before the crazy snow weather we were able to go down to the River and feed the ducks. RJ was so excited to do this but then the ducks, geese, and seagulls swarmed us. He started freaking out. He is such a scaredie cat sometimes. This is a picture of him feeding the animals at the petting zoo at Bear World last spring, He looked just like that as he was feeding the ducks the other day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Happy Easter

The day before Easter we felt well enough to make it to the store so the kids could have a good Easter. Remember we were planning on being in Sunny California enjoying the nice sunshine and green grass and flowers. But we were still sick and had to settle for an Idaho Crisp brown Easter. Luckily for us or snow was gone but there are tons of dry leaves on the ground and it looks like fall and not spring. (If we were still living in St.Anthony we would still have snow. They got a ton of it this year.)
Here are the kids baskets. we were still in bed when the saw them. I heard their excitement but wasn't able to see it. Savannah love Dora. She has only seen it once or twice but she gets so excited ever time she sees something Dora. They each got a new place set and a move and a few eggs with chocolate inside which Savannah devoured.

She is definitely my little girl when it comes to chocolate. These flowers were given to me by my neighbor who just lost her husband. She is such a sweet lady. She just buried her sweetheart and she has been so worried about how we are doing. She brought me flowers and brought us dinner one night. She is amazing.

Anyway, so our Easter wasn't too bad. Jared was still very sick and the kids and I still had the awful cough. So we were unable to go to church. RJ and I were able to dye some eggs while Savannah and Daddy slept. RJ loved dying the eggs. Later nap time the kids discovered the Easter Bunny had left them some eggs to find. And then we had a nice Easter Cereal Dinner. And early bed time. How goes that Easter sound?

He made a "golden" egg and a "fire" egg. Can you guess which ones those are?

Savannah was really excited when she woke up from her nap and found all these color eggs on the table.

Easter Bunny Came

One of the first things RJ did after seeing his Easter basket was go look for the eggs. He looked all around the house and out the windows, but there was no eggs. Since the snow was all melted except a few patches here and there I thought it would be nice to do the egg hunt outside like it should be done, instead of inside. But I wanted to wait till the afternoon when it was a little warmer to go out. So we hid the eggs on the side of the house. RJ didn't think to look there. After Savannah's nap, I "happened" to open the blinds in RJ's room that looks out into the side yard and relieve the eggs. This made RJ dart for his Easter basket. He was ready to get that candy.

Look we have tulips coming up! I am so excited!!

So this is the kids after the hunt heading inside to count their eggs and see what was inside. I don't have any photos of them getting eggs, I was taking a video which is below. RJ had to shake each egg after he picked it up to make sure something was inside. Not sure what he would have done if it didn't shake.

RJ counting his eggs and Savannah trying to count hers. SHe did pretty good at copying the numbers RJ was saying.

Savannah with he candy and cookies. They had jelly bellies, skittles, and animal cookies.

RJ enjoying some of his candy.

Egg Hunt

Almost Better

After a week and a half of being sick we are finally all on the mend. It hasn't been very fun.
This is Savannah on her Nebulizer. She hated it at first and we had to do it for 10 minutes every four hours. She would scream and try to run away each time we got it out but then once on, it would only take about 10 sec. for her to relax and sit still through the 10 minutes of breathing it's vapors. Sometimes I felt like I was gassing her because I had to hold her down to get her mask on and then once the vapors started she would relax. After the first two days, she stopped wrestling with me and even assisted me with getting the mask on and turning on and off the machine.
Her wheezing has stopped so we are now done with breathing treatment. She like the rest of us just has a little running nose and cough, almost all better!!
I came down with the awful aches and chills the night of my B-day. Jared had even bought me my favorite B-Day cake-Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whip cream-but I didn't even have the appetite to eat it. We tried to have some the next day but our taste buds weren't working right and ended up throwing half the cake out.
By Saturday we were starting to feel a little better and made it to the store to buy a few things for the kids for Easter. We also made it for to Jumba Juice for a nice fruit smoothie with an immunity boost added. It was nice to get some fresh air. The brief trip exhausted our energy and we were all in bed by 8. Sunday the kids were back to their normal selfs and I was feeling much better as well. Jared unforutnaliy was very under the weather. OUr neighbors came over and gave him a blessing. He couldn't afford to miss another day of work. Luckily Monday morning, he was blessed to feel much better and was bale to go to work. A couple more days and we should all be 100%.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want too!

Yes, today is my birthday and I was supposed to be in CA by now to celebrate. I haven't been in CA for my Birthday since High School. Not only that but we were going to come down to visit family for Easter and I was so excited since we have missed Christmas and every other holiday with them for the last two years. But the kids are still sick. I found a doctor and loved him. RJ is on the up side of a bad cold but he has an ear infection in both ears. Yesterday his fever was 103, Yikes! Savannah has a viral infection in her bronchioles. Both are still miserable and Jared also went into the doctors with similar problems as Savannah. I am now starting to feel some pressure in my head as well. I am trying to stay rested so I don't get too sick but it is hard. I have managed to get a nap today while the kids finally both slept at the same time. And their appetites are picking up a little. RJ ate all his lunch for the first time in five days. That was a nice birthday present.
So Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sick kids

Like I said before, RJ and Savannah have been sick the last few days. They seemed to be perking up a little yesterday. But last night RJ started complaining about a sore in his mouth and had a rough night sleep. He woke up at 10 this morning with a 102 temperature and Savannah's was at 101. It is so sad to watch them be so miserable and not be able to do anything about it. If things get worse today or they still have a fever tomorrow, I will take them in to the doctor. I haven't found a doctor down here yet. Our last few check ups I have taken them to Rexburg. Just another thing to think about.
Snow was supposed to hit the Sierra's Wednesday so we had thought about going to CA Tuesday night to beat the snow, but now we will just wait until the kids get better.
I'll probably have Jared give them a blessing when he gets home tonight. I hope things get better then worse, I feel kind of help less.

BTW: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This past week

RJ has had a terrible cold and it got worse Wednesday afternoon. He missed his first primary Activity because of it. He was so upset about that. By Thursday he had a fever and missed preschool as well. Friday he spent the day sleeping. He started perking up Saturday but then Savannah started it. Today she has had the fever. It is just a running nose, awful cough, followed by fever. Nothing horrible, just miserable.

Thursday, we finally took Sally in to get Spaded. Jared was sweet enough to stay home with the kids in the morning while I took her to the vet. I am so relieved that that issue as been resolved. When we went to pick her up from the vet I was pleased to see that they had bathed her and trimmed her nails (which we have been a failure at as pet owners to do). And yes, we will be bring her to CA with us.

We were planning on driving to CA Wednesday night but we just heard that our neighbor passed away this morning. If the funeral is before Easter we might consider staying for it and then leaving for CA.

Still not sure what Jared's travel plans are. I might get to stay in CA for two weeks. They will hopefully get travel arrangements set up with the Belgium's tomorrow.
I will know more tomorrow or Tuesday and let you know.

No More Binkies!

We finally did it! We were going to wait till after Belgium to try to get rid of the binkie. We figured we would need it on the 8 hour plane ride. But Belgium fell through so I thought I better talk myself into the torture of getting rid of the binkie.
When ever Savannah was upset she asked for her binkie. She called it "My-My" We kept them on top of the microwave and she figured out how to push the chair over to reach them herself. And again, if she was upset she went straight to the kitchen to get her "My-My" Nothing calmed her down except that plastic thing and she is a screamer!
For the past few month I have told her that it was yucky and she didn't need it. I said she should throw it away. She always responded with "Uh-Uh, Mommy" and ran the other way. But the other day she surprised me by throwing it away. I thought oh-no, here we go. She is going to be screaming for it next time she gets upset and I better start training myself not to give in. I better get it through my head that it is gone so I don't go running to the trash to clean it off for her when the tantrums start. But she surprised me. She has not asked for it since she threw it away. And she has let me hug her and calm her down when she gets upset rather then demanding the plastic. I am impressed and grateful. We have now been binkie free for three days!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Easter

I know that St. Patrick's Day hasn't come yet but I felt I needed to change my Blog to Celebrate the Easter Season. If I waited till after St. Patrick's day I would only have a week till Easter and I feel Easter is so much more important then St. Patrick's Day. (even thought both Jared & I have some Irish blood running through us)

I have been reading a little lately about what Christ did and can do for us. And my heart has been touched by the great gift he has given us. In this months Ensign, President Packer wrote an excellent Article about Jesus Christ. And in it he said "Because of the Fall, the Atonement was absolutely essential for resurrection to proceed and overcome mortal death. The Atonement was absolutely essential for men to cleanse themselves from sin and overcome the second death, spiritual death which is separation from our Father in Heaven, for the scriptures tell us eight times that no unclean thing may enter the presence of God."

With out the Atonement we can not reunite with our Heavenly Father. It is only through Christ that we can live with God again. I have always known this but it really hit a deeper understanding as I was studying that article.

Christ is our Savior, our Lord, our Redeemer, our Advocate with the Father. He ransomed us with his blood. Without him we could not hope to be like the Father. Words can not express the deep gratitude that I feel when I think of His sinless sacrifice.

He Lives and through Him we can live too.

Happy Easter.

We can finally see some grass!

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and warmer then it has been all year. This has been the longest winter that we have had in the 5+ years I have been in Idaho. The temperatures have been below average and they are forecasting snow again on Friday.
But today was nice. The snow was melting and I can now see some grass. We went out yesterday and did a little shopping. RJ was in need of a new white shirt and I found the cutest Easter Dress for Savannah, on Sale at Kohl's. It is so hard to find a good easter dress. I went to so many stores trying to find exactly what I wanted. Kohl's was the first store but I didn't buy it because I wanted to see what I could find else where. Needless to say I didn't find anything better and I will be going back to Kohl's today to pick it up. I wanted a short sleeved dress or one that came with a sweeter and I was hoping to buy something that wasn't pink. Who knew that was going to be a hard find. Nothing is short sleeved, they are all sleeve less, which is fine but we live in cold country here and it was hard to find a sweeter for any of the sleeveless dressed. If I did find something, there was nothing in her size. The dress I am getting is very cute. It does have no sleeves but it does come with a sweeter. It is pink, but mostly white. I am not against pink but I was just hoping for something a little different. It is a cute dress and it was originally $50 and it was on Sale for $22. Can't beat that at all. I am so excited to go back this afternoon and get. Now I just wish for some extra cash so I could get a new dress as well.
Ok, back to my pictures. This is the front yard and as you can see there is more snow out front. The sun doesn't hit the front as much as it does the back so our front yard will have snow for a while. Jared bought me flowers the other day. Even thought I can't plant them, I have enjoyed have a little bit of Spring inside. (BTW these pictures were all taken in the evening, thats why it is a little gray outside)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Read Across America

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss's Birthday and many Schools have been celebrating this week. RJ adores Dr. Seuss. He calls all his book "Cat in the Hat Books" Our last few library trips he checked out nothing but Dr. Seuss Books he even checked out all the Dr. Seuss TV shows they had on DVD. He loves Green Eggs and Ham, but hasn't yet applied it to his own life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trip to Lava Hot Springs

When Jared got back from Belgium, he surprised me with a mini vacation to Lava Hot Springs. It was very sweet of him. All he told me was that I better get someone to teach my Primary Class on Sunday because we wouldn't make to our Ward meeting. He packed up everything while I was in the shower. I had my suspicions, but he was doing a pretty good job about being discrete. He even asked me what we ere having for dinner. So I thought this was going to be a day trip, until I noticed my toothbrush was missing.
We first drove to Rexburg where we dropped the kids off at my Aunts, that was a surprise and I stressed a little worrying if he had packed everything they needed. But he did good I really didn't need to worry. And then we drove back south and that is where I guessed where we were going. There really aren't that many cool places to go in Idaho for a quick get away. But it was very nice. I had never been to Lava, and again there is nothing there except the Hot Springs. He rented this cute little cottage which has it's own private hot tub. (This photo was taken off their site, since I didn't take any pictures while we were there. You can tell because it looks like summer in this photo, there was really snow on the ground.) Anyway, Jared thought of everything, he even brought me three different shirts, so I could decide what to wear the next day. But what he did forget was my swim suit. How do you plan a trip to the Hot Spring and forget a Swim Suit. He remembered his. I really think he forgot it on purpose, but he swore he didn't plan it that way. Oh well, either way, I got a new swim suit. It was a nice get away. Jared is on another trip to Virgina right now so that night off with no kids was well needed. Isn't he the best!!!! I am very lucky!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pictures of Belgium

This was Jared's first photo in Belgium. He was so excited to be over there. That is all he could talk about when he got back. He loved everything about it and can't wait to go again.

They first went to Leuven. This was just an arch way there.
Church in Leuven

This is the Train Station in Mol. Mol is the town where the lab is and where Jared spent most of his time. He is holding a Flat Stanly. A friend of mine from HS teaches at an elementary school. They have this Flat Stanley project where the kids create a Flat Stanley, after reading the book, and send it to some one. That person is supposed to take Flat Stanley on an adventure and send the child back pictures and a letter. So I made Jared take Flat Stanley to Europe.

A Fire Truck

This is just a house Jared saw. He said that so many of the homes are so detailed. I hope to someday get to see them.

A side view of the same house, Isn't is big!

This is some kind of tree. I guess they train the branches to grow straight out.

This is taken in Brussels. Jared said that all the restaurants, or Cafes, are next to each other and the waiters stand outside trying to entice you to come eat at their Cafe. He said it is very slow pace and it took over an hour to get their meal. First they served drinks, usually beer and then bread, and then another beer, and then appetizers, beer again, then the main course. (Jared of course didn't drink Beer, but he was with colleagues who did. Just making that clear.)

Four things that Belgium is famous for: Lace, Beer, Chocolate, and Waffles. There are a lot of Lace shops around as well as pubs and chocolate factories. Jared brought home so much chocolate it is going to take months to eat it all. But boy is is good. I see the pounds I just lost rapidly coming back on :) He also brought home some Belgium Waffles he had bought in an airport gift shop. And believe it or not, those were the best Waffles I have ever had. I didn't know a Waffle could be that good! And it was from an air port gift shop of all places. Belgium waffles aren't breakfast waffles like we are used to, they are more of a dessert. But oh my, they are so good, my mouth is wandering thinking about it.

And this is part of the square in Brussels and Belgium's famous Grand Place. Jared was only in Brussels on night before catching the plane the next morning.