Life in the Wight House

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I still need to blog about when I find the time

So I hope to get my blog updated and in order and keep it up to date. I plan to have it published in books along with my scrapbook pages. Unfortunately I am WAY behind . Before I can even sit down to blog, I have to go through my photos and re size the good ones to a web size so upload is faster. I haven't even made it through all my January photos and March is just about over! So here is a list of major posts to come:

Our trip to DC
RJ's 7th Birthday
St. Patrick's day
Our remodel project
Saying goodbye to my 20's
Our trip to Rome, Italy

I am sure there are a few minor posts in-between these, but that is a list of what we have been up too the past couple of months.

Friday, March 11, 2011

White Punks

Location: We are in the car and it is raining.

Savannah: We can't be in the car when the punks come out.
Me: Huh?
Savannah: The punks will wake Zachery up if he is asleep.
Me: The punks? What punks?
Savannah: You know mom, the white punks! They will wake Zachery up.
Me: White Punks? What do they look like?
Savannah: They are white balls; they come from the sky.
Me: Oh, do you mean hail?
Savannah: Yeah, those things. Because when they fall they go punk, punk, punk and Zachery will awake up.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Penny Shooter

Papa Wight gave RJ a book with all kinds of wood working projects. While I spent a day out with some girlfriends shopping; Jared and RJ built a Penny Shooter. (Not sure what Savannah and Zachery were up too). RJ had a blast making this toy and he has great plans to make all kinds of wooden toys and sell them this summer. We'll see how that goes.

Here is the link for a video demo of the final product:

When you have a big sister ....

You do things like this:

Savannah loves to dress her little brother up and Zachery seems to enjoy it as well. He likes the attention he gets from Savannah and I often find him wearing high heels and crowns regularly on his own. Don't worry, he still loves to play with trains, cars, and legos. We are hoping once summer starts RJ will be around to play with Zachery more so he doesn't get too confused.