Life in the Wight House

Monday, December 31, 2007

Driving Lessons

RJ had a blast learning to drive the jeep. It would have been cool if it was 4-wheel drive then he could have rode it in the deep snow. But, if it was a 4-wheeler, daddy would have been very jealous. Anyway, RJ was pretty good at figuring out how to back it up and drive around. He did however run into daddy's car and made a little dent, opps. I guess that is what happens when you let a four year old drive.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

White Christmas

After snowing all day Christmas Eve, we had the prefect Christmas day. Sunny and white, very pretty! It has been snowing everyday since Christmas. Wish we had money to snowboard.

(ignore the cone, the city was fixing the road before the snow and never came around to pick up their cones. SO we have three cones sitting in front of our house.)


Santa came! He brought the kids some fun surprises. (In case you are wondering, those are both used, we really don't have that kind of money.)

Opening Stockings. They both enjoyed the candy in the stocking and it took a little coxing the open the presents inside.

RJ really wanted to drive the jeep right away. To bad, Santa forgot to set up the battery.

Oh, look what else Santa brought. RJ was so excited there is a really cute video below of him opening this present.

It is his very own computer! The Leap Frog Click-Start. Just in the price range for a little boy wanting a computer. He loves it.

It didn't take too long for Savannah to figure out how to open presents. After a few tears, she started ripping like crazy. She had to learn fast, if she didn't RJ was ready to open them for her and she wasn't going to let that happen.

Daddy got what he really wanted. Santa brought him an RC indoor helicopter. In his mind, Christmas was complete.

RJ is thanking Savannah for her gift.

Yes! A game for his new computer, thanks Grandma.

Accessories for her doll house.

I just loved this picture. It was too funny. Look at Savannah's face, she doesn't seem too happy.

Thanks Grandma!

It is a set of Mr. Potato Heads!

Mommy's Quilt.

She had to wrap up and walk around in it.

Every year my grandmother has wrapped my a special present in gold wrapping paper. It was the last present we got to open at her house and the most anticipated. The Gold wrapping has always been a big deal to us grandkids. When Margaret came up to visit, she brought with her many of our Christmas gifts so our family didn't have to ship them. She had to take them on the plane unwrapped but she made sure she brought the gold wrapping paper so she could wrap them back up and we would have our Gold present. I was really glad she did, because Christmas isn't Christmas without Grandmother's Gold Presents.

RJ's Gold Present.

Savannah's Gold Present. I have a Scrapbook Lay Out in mind, for these pictures. I took them just so I could Scrap this fun tradition.

My Grandparents didn't send Jared a Gold present, but they sent me a check to buy him something from them. Because Margaret and I made such a big deal about the gold wrapping paper, Jared told me that I had to wrap his gift from them in gold paper as well. He didn't want to be left out, he had to have his Gold Present too. The best I could find was some gold tissue paper. But I manged to get him a gold present. Grandmother promised next time she will remember to send Jared some gold paper if she has me buy his gift again.

Grandmother and Grandfather, Thank You for your gifts.

Savannah is mad because Daddy is trying to help her unwrap this present.

We are finished and look at the mess. Thank you everyone for sending up our gifts. We love and miss you all. Next year we promise to be in California with you all.

RJ trying out his "new computer" (It hooks up to the TV, if you're wondering)

Look out Martha Stewart, Jennifer made an awesome Chocolate Peppermint Tart!

We went to my Aunt and Uncle's House in Rexburg for Christmas dinner. We brought the dessert and the special orange jello (only this time we tried raspberry)

Savannah enjoying the whip cream off the beaters.

It was a yummy Tart. We made it last year as well.

Savannah and my cousin Britteny

Video - My Own Computer!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve

RJ wants his own computer. Have you ever heard of a three year old asking for his very own computer? Well, now you have. We told him that he was going to have to earn that computer since it was such a big gift. He has been working on this computer chart since the summer. At first it he would get a star for using the potty, then when he was all potty trained we used the chart as a way of enticing him to stay in bed all night long. He also got stars for good behavior. We didn't think he was going to make it in time for Santa to come. But he surprised us and stayed in his bed all night long Sunday night which gave him 5 stars (he only had 4 to go). He was so excited and proud that he got his chart done before Christmas. He wanted Santa to bring him the computer, knowing that his parents had no money.

Learning how to make scrambled eggs.

RJ went around the house pretending to be a fire fighter. I guess the whole house was on fire because he had to spray everything. Even after we asked him repeatedly not to get the house all wet.

Dear Santa, Please Define Good!
We had a heck of a day with RJ on Christmas Eve. I was so tempted not to allow Santa to come that night. But by evening he did seem to get better.

It snowed all day on Christmas Eve. We had a little snow before but not a lot. We have tons now! Thank goodness for snow blowers.

The present had been piling up by the back door all month. I couldn't put them under the tree or else Savannah and Sally would have themselves an early Christmas.

So, the night before Christmas the kids put all the presents under the tree.

Wow, look at all the gifts already. Grandma and Grandpa sure love their Grandkids.

When I was young my mom bought us a new ornament every year. I continued the tradition and add on to it. Jared wanted them to open a present on Christmas eve so now every Christmas Eve they will get to open there new ornaments and hang them on the tree.

RJ was so excited about his ornament.

He got Lighting McQueen and Sally and instead of hanging them on the tree He had to take him to his room and play with them with his other cars.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Night Sally

Every night Savannah has to give every one a hug before bed. She can't miss Sally. Some times Sally gets the first hug. She loves that dog.

Sally is pretty good about taking the hugs too. She is a good pup.

Candy NeckLaces

RJ and Savannah got candy necklaces today from their nursery teachers. RJ is showing Savannah that you can actually eat the necklace. She thought that was pretty neat.

Savannah's Christmas Dress

Grandma Bartley bought Savannah her Christmas dress. She looks pretty cute, don't you think. I tried to take pictures of her and she kept wanting to pose laying down. It took me awhile to finally get her to stand up for a quick photo.

I finished

I finally finished my very first quilt. A lady in our new ward sews for a living and she taught me how to sew. I went to her house a couple of hours once a week almost all summer. Things got busy once fall hit but I finally managed to find some time to finish the quilt. I made it for Savannah and will wrap it up for her for Christmas.