Life in the Wight House

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's freezing!!!!!!

So we have been having a mild January and it has been nice. I had been hoping for snow and we finally got some. The temperature was in the 30's which was nice. We were able to actually play and enjoy the fresh snow fall. I could handle snow and 30 degree weather no problem. But of course living in Idaho, that wasn't going to last for long. The temperature started slowing dropping Sunday and early this morning it was 20 below, yikes!!! Now living in an old house, this isn't very good for our pipes. Last year we had our toilet freeze as well as our washer. This year we have experienced the same problems. But this morning one more added bonus, our shower pipes froze. Boy do I wish we had the money to remodel our bathroom/laundry room. We still are getting water coming in from both our bathroom and kitchen faucets. So we aren't completely without water. And so far we haven't experienced any kind of pipe breakage. I am praying that we never have to experience that. I got all the laundry done yesterday, and the toilet can be easily filled by hand to flush the toilet, but not having a shower is frustrating. Only because I didn't take a shower yesterday, I was busy cleaning and doing other things. I can miss a day with out a shower, but two days with out a shower is icky!! If the pipes don't un-thaw by noon, I'll probably be washing my hair in kitchen sink, if I can mange with my big belly. Just one of those days I wish I didn't live in an old house.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bed Head

This is my latest Scrap book page. I love the way it turned out and wanted to share it. This was one of the first photos I took with my new camera. Savannah has such fine curly hair and every morning she wakes up with the cutest little bed head. It is even better after a bath before bed which she had had the night before this photo was taken. The journaling on the page reads: Your fine hair and pretty tight curls are the prefect place for tangle fairies to play in while you sleep. Every morning you are the queen of bed head. Those silly fairies have too much fun.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow Pictures

We got five inches of snow yesterday. The kids were very excited to play in it. We didn't get to playing in the snow till later in the afternoon. Our morning and early afternoon were busy. I had to run to the store for our weekly shopping trip. The roads were so slick, it was awful. I drove 20 MPH on 40 MPH roads and I was still sliding around. A few cars behind me were sliding as well but still decided to pass me because I was going too slow for them. It was so annoying being passed on ice roads, but better extra safe then sorry. I'd rather go slow then slide off into a ditch or into something else.
Our snow blower is broken. Jared came home early to try to fix it and continued the project this morning. Another problem arose and he gave up. Back to the old shovel. We are really wishing we got our neighbors new snow blower when they offered it to us before they moved. Oh well. Life goes on. I guess a little extra hard work is good for you. I'm sure Jared won't be too happy with that statement, since he is the one shoveling.
It is snowing again this morning the kids were desperate to get back outside and play in it. They are out there now having a ball. No pictures because I'd rather stay inside and be warm at the moment. But here are a few photos from yesterday.

They tried to start building a snow man.
But Savannah decided that the snow was better for eating then building.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I have had a really rotten, frustrating day (morning) with the kids! Actually it seems like today was the worst of many frustrating days this week. We have had a lot of power struggles today and I am exhausted!!!! Carry an extra 30 pounds around makes it even more exhausting. Yes, that is how much I have gained and I still have 9 more weeks of gaining to do! I was about to write it all down and vent but I feel what I really need to do is count my blessing. I am indeed a lucky girl. The future is so unpredictable but at this moment I am doing very well.

  • Jared has a good job and his future in it still looks promising.
  • I can stay home and not rely on day care.
  • We can afford preschool, thus giving me a little break and RJ an extra learning experience.
  • We are going to have another baby, which will make three when so many people struggle to even make one.
  • We have a house to keep us warm (even though our heating bill is enormous. But that is where Jared’s good job comes in to factor).
  • We can still go out for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking.
  • My kids have new clothes to wear (a lot of that is because of good grandparents, Thank you)
  • We are all in good health. That biggest health issue we have had to deal with in the last 6 years was the flu bug.
  • We have good insurance
  • My house is a mess because we have been blessed with so many toys.
  • We have our house up for sell but don’t have to move out. Thus we can afford to wait for a good offer.
  • We have two working vehicles one of which is kind of paid for.
  • I have a hobby that I love.
  • We live in a great neighborhood. I never have to worry about locking my doors, even though I still do.
  • The weather is warm enough to enjoy the snow and I think it is time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air while I continue to count my blessing.

So I am off to bundle up the kids and enjoy a good snow ball fight.

We have snow!

Well after weeks of sunny days and dry roads we woke up this morning with about 5 or 6 inches on the ground. The temperature is in the 30's and the kids aren't sick! Yea! Today should be a fun day to go outside and play, finally! I am so excited. I'm sure my excitement will only last a few days and then I'll be sick of the snow like a typical winter. Pictures to come soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Details of our past week.

So before we left for CA we were having days of non-stop snow. We were told it snowed like crazy while we were away. This is a photo of the yard near the beginning of December before we left for California:
When we got back I was surprised to find no snow on the roads and hardly any in the yards. I was told the weather was crazy while we were away. It dumped and dumped and then the wind picked up and blew everything away and then the sun came out and melted the rest. We haven't had any snow in weeks. Over the 6+ years I have lived in Idaho, this scenery is unheard of for January. Of course I have always lived further up in elavation. This is only my second winter in Idaho Falls. But still St. Anthony & Rexburg aren't that much farther away. I'm not complaining much I love that the roads are clear and we don't have to worry about shoveling snow or falling on ice. But my kids haven't played in the snow yet this year because they were sick when it first snowed and now there is no snow to play in. We still have more weeks of winter so maybe we will get some. I am enjoying the sun shine, but still can't go outside because it is still so stinkin cold! I haven't heard any rumours yet, but I can't help but wonder if we will be having a drought this summer.

This week RJ said goodbye to a favorite friend. Wade and his family moved down to Utah and RJ has been really sad to have his friend move away. The two played so well together. We'll miss him.
Wade was the one that introduced RJ to the Indiana Jones Wii game and RJ is now hooked. Here are the two of them playing the game together on their last day together.

So I have been wanting to cut my hair short but have been too chicken. The shortest I cut it was just above my shoulders when I was pregnant with Savannah. Just before Christmas I gathered the courage to cut it to my chin. I loved the length but I hated the style. The front was really bugging me. So when I got back from our vacation I decided to do something about the front. When I walked back into the salon I feel head over heals in love with one to the stylist hair cuts. It was a little shorter then mine and it was very layered. I was nervous about layering my hair so much because it is so thick but I decided to go ahead and try it. Her hair was just so cute, just what I have been wanting. So I did it, I cut my hair again and I am liking the new style, I still think it looks cuter on the stylist then me, but it is so easy to do and feels so light., I am hoping to maybe color it soon but anyway, here is the new look.

So Jared bought me a very early Valentine/Birthday present. He was going to wait to give it to me but just couldn't. I am really excited about it. He bought me a fancy digital camera. It is an older style and used that he found on Ebay.
I have been debating about getting one. One of my reserves, besides the cost, is weather or not I will use it much. I don't know if I will like lugging a huge camera around. But I have been wishing for a nice camera with a faster shutter speed and one that takes RAW photos. I have really wanted to play with RAW images since I learned about them at my Scrapbooking conference. So anyway, I have a new toy. He said if I like it and use it enough then we can look into purchasing a newer style. So I have a lot of playing around to do.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trip to CA part 3 (Grandma Bartley's house)

I and the kids spent our third and last week in CA at my parents house. The Kids loved Grandma's jetted tub and enjoyed spending as much time as they could with their uncles. Sunday afternoon was nap time for everyone. Grandpa took a nap on the couch and when I came down stairs from my nap I discovered that RJ and Uncle Chris covered Grandpa up with piles of blankets and pillows. Grandpa said is was comfortable.

Tuesday we went to lunch with my sister Margaret and had to drop her off at a doctors appointment after lunch. While we waited, my mom and I took the kids bowling. This was their first time bowling, RJ had been asking for while to go. Unfortunately he got sick again with a high fever and couldn't enjoy bowling as much as he would have. But he was still able to bowl a 117. Savannah enjoyed it for the first half and then got a little bored. She bowled a 74.

Grandma's cookie jar is always full. Savannah and RJ loved getting a cookie now and then.

My Grandparents came over Friday for a last good bye, before we left for Idaho. They brought some dress up hats and things they had from a New Years Eve party. Savannah dressed up and put on a show for them. She is such a bigger singer and dancer.

After lots of gray skis, rain, and cold days, Friday was sunny and warm. Matthew took us down to the creak to show us some of his favorite spots. I enjoyed the sunny walk and fresh air. As a child I loved explore the near by creak. This isn't the same creak I grew up by but it was still very enjoyable.

CA is so green in the winter!

The kids discovered Cotton Tails for the first time.

I kept trying and trying to get a photo of the three of them on this log, but my battery was dying. I was finally able to take this quick shot only Savannah was sporting her Home Alone Face.

California was a lot of fun. But it is nice to be home again. I heard the day after we left the weather was a nice 70 degrees. Bummer! At least it isn't too cold here like most Januarys.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visiting Friends

We were able to visit with a few friends while in CA. It was hard to meet up with everyone with schedule and the kids keeping sicks. But the few we were able to see were very enjoyable.

On January 2nd we drove down to Fremont to visit with Nate, Gemma, & Evan. We were very excited to see them since they have been living in England the last three years and we hadn't met Evan yet. It was fun seeing Gemma's little baby bump, they are expecting a little girl in April. Not sure when we will see them again. They are moving to New Jersey and who knows were we'll be. But as long as Nate's parents are in CA as well as our family, I'm sure we will be able to get together again someday.

More baby bumps. Aleena and her cute kids stopped by for a visit on Monday. The kids played great together and we were able to visit for awhile. Wish we lived closer so we could visit more often. But life hasn't allowed that yet. (We are due about two weeks apart, both adding boys to the family) Lea, Savannah, Jonah, & RJ

Friday Miriam and her newest addition stopped by. Little John Paul is so cute!! I couldn't get over how adorable he was with his full head of hair and round chubby checks. Not sure if these pictures do him justice.

Trip to CA part 2 (New Year's)

We don't have a Chuck E. Cheese's near us in Idaho. So it is a special treat when we come down to CA. RJ had been asking to go so we went with Grandma Sammie of News Years Eve. They had a blast playing all the arcade games and riding the rides.

That night we celebrated with New York the New Year. Grandma Sammie had bought popper for the kids. They loved them!

New Year's day we spent with Papa Wight. We all went down to San Fransisco and enjoyed the Zoo. It was a cold day so I didn't get too many pictures and we didn't stay too long.

RJ loved the Gorilla. He couldn't stop laughing as he watched the Gorilla.

We tried to get a family photo with the beach sunset. Savannah wasn't too happy and didn't want to look at the camera and RJ had to wear his new mask. So this was the best we got.