Life in the Wight House

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Is it Christmas or Halloween? As we cleaned up fall decorations to get ready for Christmas decorations, Savannah found her costume and just had to wear it. We went shopping later that day and she had to wear it and take her pumpkin bag with her. I think she wanted to go get candy.

Putting up the lights.

All done decorating.
RJ is putting up on the tree topper.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

More house work

Look at all those bags. And yes that is Jared looking through a whole in the house. He is cleaning up the attic space getting ready to create a third room. All those bags are full of instillation and there is plenty room to go.


We spent Thanksgiving with my Aunt & Uncle. I made the pies, all from scratch. I am so proud of the way the came out. Pumpkin, Apple, & Chocolate Cream. Yummy!

Uncle Eric with the Turkey

Seth and RJ waiting for their food, deep in conversation.

Dinner is served. You can see RJ eats like a bird compared to Seth.

The family dishing up dinner

Savannah enjoying her meal.

The kids enjoying the train.

Our Cute Girl

Savannah loves the camera. Her she is saying "Cheese"

A Dog's Life

We have a little bed set up in our room for RJ because he is constant;ly waking up in the middle night and coming down to our room. We have gotten tired of putting him back to bed all night so he know comes down and sleeps on this little bed. We are praying for a day he just goes to sleep in his bed and doesn't wake up till morning. Anyway, Sally seems to think that this bed is hers. We have a hard time keeping her off it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


OK, RJ's face looks kind of funny in this picture, but look at the beautiful sunset. Idaho has always had great sunsets.

We decided to go Letter-Boxing. It is another type of treasure hunting, similar to geo-caching. This type of hunt you don't need a GPS. Instead you get clues off the Letter-Boxing website and follow them clue by clue until you find the treasure (letter-box). Inside the box is a log book. Your are supposed to create a personal stamp (or you can buy one. We used a Minnie-Mouse stamp. The only stamp I had around and we didn't have time to make one.) Anyway, you use your stamp to stamp the log book and there is also a stamp inside the letter-box that you can use to stamp your own personal log book. It was fun following clues instead of an arrow. And the sunset at the Park was gorgeous.

Looking for the treasure under the rock wall.

We found it! Our first Letter-Box.

The stamp inside the letter box resembled this nearby chinesse sculpture. So we took a picture with it and one of the waterfalls in the background.

A bridge over the snake river.

Sunflower Seeds

We saved and dried our sunflowers so we could toast sunflower seeds. Here is the sunflower all dried up. It was a messy job. Sunflower seeds were flying all over the kitchen. Our two dried sunflowers made three huge batches of sunflower seeds. Time for a road trip. (That is what Jared gets to help stay awake)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A look into yet another project

After finishing the garage we went up stairs to get a feel what the next project is going to take. Savannah's room is to the left of this hallway. We had heard stories that to the right of the area was beginning works of a fourth room. It had been boarded up instead of completed.
So we opened up the wall and looked inside. We found a big mess and a lot of work. A doable project but a lot of time and expensive. We boarded the wall back up to think about what we will do.

Savannah's hair

Jared did Savannah's hair for the first time. What do you think? We had a laugh because it looked like a Mexican Male's pony tail. Just needed the hair net.

RJ's Car Room Video

RJ has had a problem staying in his room all night long. He has told us that he didn't like his room. We asked him what he wanted in his room to make him like it and stay in it all night long. He said he wanted a "Cars" room. It is expensive to decorate a room and I have plans on doing a car theme room in the future so we came up with an alternative. I went out thursday night and Jared and RJ spent the evening printing out pictures and covering his room with "Cars." Did it work? Of course not , he still got out of bed and refused to go back into his room. Rough night! But at least Jared and RJ had fun decorating. RJ does think his room is really neat. But not neat enough to stay in all night long. It was worth a try.

Lastest Project

Our Latest Project was enlarging the garage so we could put the car in. The back side of the garage was boarded off and used as a walk in closet for the master bedroom. That left the garage space to small to fit my van inside. Jared rebuilt a closet in out room, later we will enclose it. And then we tore out the walk in closet and now I have a big garage! Yeah!



RJ loves doing puzzles.

Getting a little frustrated

He was so excited when he finished the puzzle, all by himself!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend in Utah

We went down to Utah to visit some friends. It was a nice break and a wonderful visit.

RJ and Leah watching TV. (This is Aleena's daughter. She is three months older than RJ)

We spent the afternoon at the park with Aleena's kids. They all enjoyed it. Savannah's favorite thing is the swings. It is hard to get her off them.

After a lot of coaxing we finally got RJ on the tire swing. He of course loved it. (But he did get a little dizzy and sick afterwards.)

Soon all the kids were on the tire swing. They didn't do much else at the park. Even Savannah got on for a little bit.

Aleena & I with our kids.

Leah is 3 and Jonah is 2, they are a couple of cuties. It was fun to see them again. Wish we lived closer so we could hang out all the time.

After we visited with Aleena and her family we spent some time with Doug and his little ones.

They all had a blast with the aquadoodle. We might have to the the kids on for christmas.

Playing with the aquadoodle.

(Seth and Ethan are 1 1/2)

RJ pretending to be a cowboy.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Jared took the kids out trick-or-treating while I stayed in passed out candy. (It was a lot warmer inside!) They had a blast. Savannah went to a few of the neighbor's houses before coming back home and RJ went around a few blocks.

RJ really got into being a Pirate. He talked in a pirate voice all night and collected all the treasure he could get. He is saying Aargh! in this picture. He can't say it without closing his eyes.

Our cute Giraffe.

The front of our house.

Yummy! Candy!

Wow! King size! RJ pulled out each piece one at a time to show me all he got.

Look at this loot.