Life in the Wight House

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New video creating site

This website is pretty cool. Animoto, just upload your photos and pick some music and it does the rest.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cute kid #3 - It's a Boy!

My tummy at 22 weeks

Well we haven’t official met cute kid #3 but we know he will be cute! We took the kids to the ultrasound yesterday to determine his sex. As Jared mentioned before, it is a boy. RJ is thrilled. He said “See I guessed right, I told you mom.” Afterwards we went to my Aunt’s house and RJ walked in saying “Guess what my baby brother is a brother!” He has told me all about how he is going to take care of his brother and feed him and play with him. It sounds like he is planning on having his baby brother be his new pet. It will be interesting to see how much he likes him once he is here.

Savannah on the other hand isn’t sure what to think. At times it seems like she has no idea what we are talking about at other times she doesn’t seem too happy and almost gives us a cold shoulder every time we talk about a new baby. She was very confused in the ultrasound room. She really wasn’t sure what to think.

Jared and I are both excited. Jared is extremely happy that he is getting another boy and not a girl. He says Savannah is enough girl for him.

The baby looks good and healthy. It is measuring small but they kept my due date the same. Both RJ and Savannah were small babies anyway. It is funny how much weight I gain and still manage to have small babies.

The baby is kicking and moving a lot. He likes to remind me he is still there, it is easy to forget when I have two others to take care of. He seems to like pizza and oranges. Not really together but these are the two things I crave most. Between the kids and I, we go through so many oranges a week. Good thing this is the season for oranges.

So you probably can’t tell but the baby is sticking his tongue out at us in this picture. RJ was looking at the screen at the time so we think he was already trying to bug his big brother.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's a boy! RJ is very excited (so am I). Looks like the voting was correct. RJ says he called it first.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Savannah's Random Comment

Savannah was sitting on my lap and we were watching the rescue rangers. Out of the blue she turned to me and said or more like demanded "Mom, kiss my ears" Stund, I gave both ears a kiss and she went right back to watching TV.

Another snippet about Savannah: Whenever she gets hurt, even just a little bump into the wall, she has to have her ouches kissed. A kiss makes everything better.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cute Kid #2 - a little about Savannah

Savannah is a character indeed. She is a very big busy body and is the picture perfect 2 year old. If it is quiet you know Savannah is into something. For example, a few weeks back Savannah wasn’t were we thought her to be. So we went searching to see what kind of trouble she was in. We found her in the closet hiding behind all the clothes with a brand new pack of gum she had pulled out of my purse. She had torn into it with her teeth and had chewed up four sticks of gum by the time we found her.

She is always putting things in her mouth. We still have to be very careful with what is left around the house because we can very well find her chewing on it. I have called poison control once and have been close many other times with her. Jared tired putting a little Tabasco sauce on her tongue each time she put something foreign into her mouth. That didn’t help at all. She enjoyed the Tabasco sauce a little too much. It almost seems like her taste buds don’t work except when it comes to vegetables. She will always try her broccoli or a green bean but will spit it out instantly saying she doesn’t like it but she will eat a whole tube of cement glue. Crazy kid indeed!

She is very good at drawing on the walls. I think we had to put RJ in time out once or twice before he stopped doing this, but Savannah continues to push the limits no matter how many time outs she gets.

Savannah has the cutest curls that I am terrified of cutting and loosing. I dread the day when she gets a pair of scissors and cuts her own hair. Unfortunately that day did come a few Sundays ago. Luckily I caught her and she only managed to cut a small chunk at the top of her scalp. She has enough hair that is really isn’t too noticeable. It will be interesting to see if that hair grows back straight or curly.

Savannah isn’t all terrible. She gives the buggiest hugs, and has the cutest smiles. She loves to look at you out of the corner of her eye and give you a mischievous grin. It is so cute.

Where RJ is quick to say sorry, Savannah is very quick to give thanks. She is always saying thank you even if she is in tears. And the way she says it each times melts your heart.

She adores her big brother but there are many times she tries to pick fights with him. I think she does this because she knows she will win. He usually gives in but there has been a few occasions where her fights are just way to uncalled for and she gets a time out, especially when she starts to bite. That is her big defense strategy.

Savannah wants to be big so bad. She likes to try stuff herself and she is very persistent. She isn’t one to give up. She loves playing in the dirt and getting all dirty. But on the other side of things she loves dressing up. She enjoys wearing her Sunday dress and gets excited when it is time to but one on. She wants so bad to wear makeup and somewhat enjoys having her hair done. She loves doing my hair and when she finishes she always says ‘Pretty’ or ‘Beautiful’, or ‘Perfect’. It is so cute.

Savannah is one of a kind and we enjoy having her in our family. Life would be very boring with out her!

I don't know why nap time is more comfortable on the floor then in her bed. But that seems to be the way I find her during naps since we took her out of the crib.

It may be hard to tell, but this is Savannah's first black eye. RJ accidentally flew his car into her eye, ouch!! She had a nice shiner for a couple of days.

Savannah is huge into stunt and climbing. Here she is performing one of her tricks. We think she would do great in gymnastics.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cute Kid #1 - a little about RJ

I’m not very good at words but I wanted to describe my kids as best as I could to remember the little the things. I’ve talked to many mothers recently and they all say keep a journal, keep a journal! You won’t remember even if you believe you will. I’ve never been good at journal keeping but I am pretty good at trying to capture things with my camera. However some of the littlest things can’t be captured on camera. And since I don’t have a journal, I do have a blog that I use much like I would use a family journal. So with all that said her is a little about RJ, cute kid #1.

RJ with our neighbor, Beth. The kids called her Grandma and she loved it. She just recently moved to be closer to her kids. We will miss her.

RJ loves to learn. He gets excited whenever he discovers something new. He enjoys educational books especially about bugs and science related things. He enjoys story telling and often dictates books for me to write down. He has made a few “learning” books, as he alls him.

I’ve tired to get him to practice writing his letters, first step in being able to write his stories himself. He will work on a letter for a short time and usually gets discouraged and gives up. When things don’t work out the way he expects them to he usually gives up. He can get so frustrated with the little things. He thinks everything has to be perfect. And if he can’t make it perfect he gets upset and moves on to something else.

RJ seems to have things set in his mind a certain way. When things don’t go as he plans we are in for a melt down. When he is in a good mood we can usually talk our way out of experiencing a melt down but if he is even the slightest bit tired, good luck talking sense into him. After and few minutes of time out or quite time to calm down a bit he is back to his happy creative self.

RJ has really been into drawing lately. He has covered the house in all kinds of pictures from various scenes. This summer the house was all labeled, in October we had scary pictures everywhere, this week he is into Indiana Jones and we have Indiana Jones pictures everywhere.

I enjoy his creativity and try my best to feed and encourage it. I write down his stories and allow him to cover my walls with scribbled drawings. But he can do these two things non-stop if I keep encouraging him, and I get burned out writing down his random rabbles. This kid can talk non stop. At the dinner table we are always tell him the stop talking and eat. We are all usually done with our dinner before he has even taken a bite, all because he is busy talking instead of chewing.

RJ loves playing computer games. He is a whiz on the computer and has even taught me a few things, scary!

He is very loving, always quick to give a hug or a kiss. He hates it when we get upset at him. He has very tender feelings and the slightest raised voices can make him cry and need a hug to reassure that yes, we still love him. He is very quick to say Sorry, most of the time.

He is so excited to have a new sibling and is of course hoping it is a boy. He is always kissing my tummy and saying he loves his “new baby brother” He is already a very good big brother to Savannah. He does very well sharing with her and letting her have things when she starts throwing a fit. He is extremely protective of her. I already shared a few stories about that in a pervious post.

Overall RJ is a very tender hearted kid. He can get worked up with the littlest things. He seems to have these ideas on how the world should work and when it doesn’t he falls apart. He is very loving, a huge talker, and quick to observe. We are glad to have him in our family.

He wants to be like Daddy and build things. He says he is going to be a builder when he grows up. Here he is fixing the dishwasher, just like Daddy has been doing for the past few weeks.

RJ's Tatoo. Just like Papa Wight.

RJ often walks around with one sock on. He says he has a peg leg like a priate.

More Lay Outs

I have been bust today and just wanted to share. It had been a long time since I have got a lay out done. We were very busy for awhile and then we got a new computer and I had to transfer all my scrapbooking stuff over, which took a long time. My creative mood finally came back and I finished three layouts today. I just wanted to share them because I am so excited with the way they turned out.

Fishing at Sunset:

Thanksgiving 2005:
Teton Kiss:
(Mom hope you don't mind, but I love the way this Lay Out came out. Hope you like it)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby #3

We still have a week and a half till we find out if we are having a boy or girl (Novemeber 21st). I thought it would be fun to find out what you all thought. (Especially you Josh, if you read this blog. Since you were very confident and right when guessing the sex of both RJ and Savannah. You were the only who was sure Savannah would be a girl.)
So I am thinking boy because my pregnancy started out much similar to when I was pregnant with RJ. However, when I was pregnant with RJ everyone I knew was having girls and we were the only one having boys. Now everyone I know is having a boy, so does that mean we will be the odd ball again and have a girl? What do you all think?
RJ is hoping for a baby brother. He is very excited either way. But he told me he will be more happy if it is a brother. He is always hugging and kissing my tummy. We have asked him for name ideas. His first thought was Egg for a boy. Now think of that with our last name............. Yep, Egg Wight (White). We told him to think of something else. His next idea was Nickey. Which is much better then Egg. I like the name Nicholas, but there are others I have thought of that I like better.
I asked RJ to think of some girl names, just in case. I am trying to prepare him to not be to disappointed if he does get another sister. His first name was Snow, which is an OK name if your last name wasn't Wight. I am beginning to feel sorry for RJ's kids. His second pick is Redding Riding Hood. We are going to have to work on thsoe girl names.
Savannah on the other hand is very in different to the thought of having a new baby. She either doesn't get it yet, which is very understandable or she really doesn't care. She is a typical two year old and the world revolves around her big time. She is going to be in for a really shocker next Spring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Flooring

As we get ready to sell the house for our big move, we have some projects that need to get done. One of which was replacing this horrible tile flooring. This flooring was brand new when we moved in. It is the very thin cheap peal and stick linoleum. The corners have peeled away and chipped off. Part of the problem is also the fact that the floor itself is uneven. Welcome to an old house. Here is a picture of the old floor:
A few weeks back Jared bought a bunch of rolls of nice new linoleum sheets that were on clearance. We got enough sheets to cover the kitchen, office space, & laundry room. (The tile in the bathroom isn't so bad and we were going to leave it.) However, the sheets we got were all a little different in pattern but very similar in color. Jared was sure that it would look ok, I still wasn't too convinced. But we were trying to save money as well as get new flooring that the house desperately needed.
The project kept getting put off and the new linoleum sat in the garage for a few weeks. Finally the week of Halloween Jared, with the help of a friend, got the project started. It took him all night to rip the off the floors.
He then decided that he didn't have enough linoleum and went back to find another roll that matched one of the rolls we already had. While at the flooring store, he decided to change his plans and buy a large sheet, regular price, so that everything could match! Hello, why didn't we do that in the first place???? So now we have four rolls of linoleum sitting in the garage unused, and we can't return them. And we spent way more money then we had planned on. But the flooring does look great. I love it and am very pleased with the way it turned out.
RJ of course had to help. He wants to be a builder when he grows up so he can build stuff just like daddy. He was excited to help roll out the floor and clean up extra glue spots. He took his job seriously.

The new floor, doesn't it look great!!??

Seriously, does anyone need linoleum? We have enough for a small kitchen or bathroom.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

I voted, Did you?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween

Flash back from past Halloweens.
RJ's first Halloween 2004





Savannah's first Halloween 2006


Thursday night we went to Boo at the Zoo. This week has been so nice. I think it was the first Halloween we had with warm weather.

A lot of little kids were excited to see Strawberry Shortcake. One even went chasing after Savannah and her mom grabbed her and we heard her explain "No, that is a little girl in a costume, not the really strawberry shortcake." It was really funny.

The kids enjoyed fun crafts and games as well as the candy. Most of the animals were wake and about during the night. It was fun to see them.

This was my year to take the kids out trick-or-treating and so according to Jared, I had to dress up to. I had an old black cat tail and ears, perfect for a last minute costume. It was such a warm night I was so amazed that Idaho could have good weather for Halloween.

RJ and Savannah had a blast. RJ had a list of houses he wanted to visit and Savannah pointed to each house saying "That one next"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recipe blog

So I am starting a recipe exchange blog. I want to get all my favorite recipes on the computer to help declutter. I would also like to added to my collection and try new things. If you want to be a co-author and share your favorite recipes to the collection send me your email address at

If you already have a recipe blog let me know. I'd be happy to stop in.

The new recipe blog is