Life in the Wight House

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last Weekend

Our newest backyard addition is this awesome fire pit Jared made. We broke it in Friday night with Hot Dogs and Smores. It was a great fun family night.
RJ some how got the idea that he wanted to build a stage and put on shows. So Jared and him built a stage in his room and RJ and Savannah have been performing non stop. We have many cute videos, we might have to try and post one or two.

These post picture are in no order at all. Here is a cute one of Zachery. RJ and Savannah still can't get enough of their baby brother.
Colored tongues from a HUGE jawbreaker

Grandma showing them a picture of themselves with their funny looking tongues. Gotta love digital cameras.
Sammie and Scott came up from a short visit. I realized this was the only photo I got of Sammie holding her newest Grandson. Luckily she'll be back the end of June so hopefully I can get a better one.
Monday we had record breaking weather reaching up to 88 degrees. The kids spent the whole day playing in the sand and water. Even staying in the shade we all still got our first sun burns of the year.

Zachery is really starting to coo and smile when you talk to him. He loves attention. Here are a view pictures we took trying to capture his smile.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

So this is my fourth post today, I'm trying to play catch up. Jared made it home from his business trip safe and sound. Friday night he took RJ with him on a scout camp out. Savannah and I stayed up late and watched a movie. Saturday, we had our first BBQ of the year with some friends, it tasted so good. The weather is starting to get nice again. My tulips are blooming, the grass is green, the leaves are coming back. Spring has finally arrived to Eastern Idaho. I sure hope it stays, I'm excited for warm weather. Today for Mother's Day I had high hopes that we could all make it to church on time as a family of five. We did make it, but not quite on time. It was nice to finally be back taking the sacrament again. RJ and the primary sung to the Mothers during the program. He was so cute trying to remember the words. I was spoiled with gifts this year. RJ brought home a pot of flowers from preschool the other day. He was so excited and proud when he gave them to me. Today I was given cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a computer chair. I am hoping this chair will help my back out, since i have been having a lot of back pains from sitting at the computer. After Church RJ gave be a surprise treat. He demonstrated to me how to make an efible aquifer. It was the most unique gift I have every received. I loved it! Although it didn't taste very good. He got the idea from an Earth Day exhibit he had seen and had planned on making one for me for Mother's Day. Later today we plan on going to my Aunt's for a BBQ dinner. I'm looking forward to that. So here are some photos of today.
My cute kids.
Zachery was getting very hungry.
Here we are making our aquifers.

The straw was the drill to make a well.

It was fun to make and a very fun unquie gift, but it really didn't taste good.

Zachery Update

Zachery is now 5 weeks old, Time has gone by slow but sooo fast at the same time. He has changed so much. He is getting bigger and loosing his hair up top, looking like a little bald man. He is starting to coo a little and smile. He loves his big brother and RJ gets excited when he is able to clam Zach down and him smile.
The last week Zachery seems to have found more comfort in a bottle, which has made me very sad. Every evening he goes into a crying fit and the only thing to calm him down is a bottle. He will drink 2 oz. of formula and then be content again. Even thought I am sad that the bottle is what he wants, I am glad he is still nursery throughout the day. I can handle a break and the evening is the best time for that break. I just hope he won't completely become a bottle baby anytime soon.

Bear World

We took out annual trip to Bear World for out free discount passes. So anyone who wants to visit, we have a discount pass for ya. Anyway this post is pretty much full of pictures of bears. It was a cold windy day, but we all enjoyed it.

Here is the baby cub they had out. The kids got to pet him. He was so cute!

Good Bye Sally

A couple of weeks ago we listed Sally on Freecycle and a family called us about her. They asked to do a trial run for a couple of days. We knew she wouldn't be coming back and had the kids say goodbye. The family picked her up for the trial run and when they asked me how well she does sleeping on beds, I knew she was going to a good family. We have never let Sally sleep on the bed. They called us a few days later and said they were going to keep her. I asked how she did on the bed and they said she was a bed hog, kept pushing them out of bed. Sounds like her.

We have felt a little guilty about giving her away. She was a very good dog but the timing for our family just wasn't right. She really needed more attention and love. It sounds like she is in a better home where she can get what she needs, so that is comforting. The kids do miss her. We promised RJ a kitty once Zachery is a little bit bigger.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Birth Announcement

So here is Zachery's birth announcement. I have plans on printing a few and sending them to family and friends that I don't interact with online. So to those who are on blogs and facebook, you get the digital version (I'm cheap). But yes, you grandparents, I will make sure to send you a printed copy. Anyway, things are going well here. I just survived my first four days as a widow with THREE kids. Jared was in TN these past few days. He is actually still gone. He was supposed to get in Idaho Falls tonight, but he missed his flight. Him and a coworker are now driving up from Utah and should hopefully get in around 2:30am. I'm having a hard time going to sleep, and I know I should since Zachery is sleeping. Oh well. I am rambling now. So I think I'll just get off the computer and try to get some sleep. I'll try to upload some more pictures this weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos of Zachery

This photos were taken when Zachery was 2 weeks by my friend Christine.