Life in the Wight House

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day at The Nut Tree

Saturday we spent the day at the Nut Tree. I hadn't been there since it reopened. It is a fun little amusment park for little kids, and the kids had a blast. We went with my mom, Matthew, mom-in-law, and Lisa and Makale. It was fun. RJ and Makale enjoyed the carousel but Savannah wouldn't go on it. She was a little timid when we first got there.

Cute Bunny

Roaring Lion
Grandma Sammia took Savannah on the Ballon ride. She was a little insure but enjoyed herself. RJ went in a Ballon alone with Uncle Matt. He had to do everything with Uncle Matt and Uncle matt being 10 had to do everything without grownups. So RJ enjoyed a free grownup bonding time with his uncle.
Cute girl waiting her turn in line

Savannah again threw a fit about riding the ride but I kind of forced her and she enjoyed it by the end. Her and Makale shared the fire truck together.
Grandma Sammie took RJ on the Roller coaster. He was all smiles about it until it took its first dive and his face went pale. He was so terrified and said he was never doing that again. It didn't just go fast it went "Speedy!!"
RJ loved riding the bumper cars with Matthew. They went on them three times.

The train was of course a big hit. The boys wanted their own car so the conductor had them sit infront of him. We sat three cars behind them.

Savannah riding the train.

Giving Makale a hug.

This was another favortire ride. Savannah loved it and both her and RJ rode it three time in a row. RJ wasn't too happy with all the pictures I was taking, you can tell by his face. The girl in the front probbaly wasn't too happy either.

At the end of the day I was able to get savannah to ride the carousel and of course she loved it and wanted to do it again. But we opted for Dip'n'dots icecream in the shade and a nap on the way back to Grandma Sammie's house.
While Savannah slpet the boys enjoyed the hot sunny day (90 degrees) in the pool. Look at us Idaho, we are in the pool :)!!!!!! Love that Californioa Weather!
RJ and Makale having a screaming war.
Savannah joined the fun after her nap.
Makake giving Savannah a Hug. He tries to say her name and it is so cute "Na-nah" Savannah hasn't tired his yet, maybe when they move to Idaho and he sees him more often.

Day in Berkeley

I have had a chance to visit some old friends since I have been here. It has been really nice. I saw Nikki, a friend from High School, on Wednesday. She just had her first baby and she was adorable! I forget how small they are. No pictures, sorry. But it was a nice little viist. We didn't stay long. My kids were a bit cranky and I am sure Nikki needed her rest while Isabella slept. But Thank you Nikki for visiting with us.
On Friday the kids and I headed up to Berkely to visit a Friend that I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with RJ. She is one of my oldest friends. I have known her since before Kindergarten. It was really fun getting together with her. I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. RJ took this picture of Annie and me.
We had lunch in Berkeley and the kids spilt their drinks like three or four times. The waiters, I am sure, were glad to have us leave. I had hummus and pita bread and some other stuff which I am not sure what they were called, but it was good. And RJ had a 5 dollar hotdaog if you can beleive a hot dog could cost that much. Luckly he ate it all unlike his sister who only ate a 1/4 of her cheese sandwhich. After lunch we went up into the Berkeley Hills where they had a little nature area and a fun little farm for kids to feed to animals. Except you were supposed to bring your own lettuce and celery and we didn't so we didn't get to feed the animals. But it was still fun.
I have always loved the Bay Area. It is always so green and there are hills all around. Thats the one thing I really miss about living in Idaho.

The kids looking at some black sheep.
A rare photo of me and the kids. Those are cows in the background. RJ is still not so sure he really wants one living in our backyard. He wants a hamster.
Look at the smile on this goat. RJ thought it was pretty neat that this goat wouldn't stop smiling.
After the famr we went to a playground and the kids played for a while. Thanks Annie for the nice visit.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sacramento Zoo/FairyTale Town

Thursday we went back down to Sac and spent the day at fairytale town with Aunt Lisa and cousin Makale then we went to the Zoo. Savannah and Makale enjoyed playing in the water at the fountain.
Sitting in Little John and Robyn Hood's Chair

RJ was so excited to see Robyn Hood up in the tree.

Our little Princess crying over a lost slipper :)

I think I can, I think I can ..... make this this train.

Savannah couldn't quite jump over the candlestick.
RJ doesn't look too happy in this pic. But he really loved the pirate ship. I think he stayed here playing the longest.
The Royal Wight Kids
Prince RJ and Princess Savannah
The kids loved Fairy Tale Town. It was a big playground but we were only there for an hour. After driving to Sacramento (an hour drive) we needed to do more then just fairy tale town. So we had a quick lunch in the car, which the kids thought was pretty cool, eatting n the back of the car. We said good bye to their cousin and headed over to the zoo, which was just across the parking lot. When we first pulled into the parking lot that morning there were ten buses at the zoo. I was thinking, this is going to be fun, a zoo trip with two kids by myself in a crowded zoo. But after lunch the buses were gone and the zoo was empty, it was a pretty day.
I love flamingos. This is one of the first things you see at the sac zoo.
Will it turn into a Prince?
I guess not!
We of course had to stick our head through every wooden cut out. This is the only one that turned out good.
Aren't my kids cute!!!!!

Red Panda
I think the giraffe is another one of my favorite animals.

Spending time with Uncles

We got to Fairfield on Monday, just in time to watch Christopher's baseball game. They won, yeah!!! The kids loved it.

RJ and his Uncle Matthew. They are both "Hams" when it comes to the camera.

RJ has enjoyed playing games with his Uncles.
Playing Star Wars with Uncle Chris as they watch the movie.