Life in the Wight House

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I was looking at my blog this morning, trying to locate the date of when RJ and Savannah lost their first teeth, praying that I did document it on my blog so I didn't have to look through all my computer's picture folder. And I realized how long it has been since I was a full time blogger. It was early in 2011, that I started struggling to find time to blog our family adventures. And 2012, I nearly stopped completely, adding a grand total of only 6 entries that year. 2012 was an interesting year filled with so many personal struggles on what I was going to do with myself, where I was at in terms of happiness and self worth. And I bogged myself down with SO MANY projects and volunteering everywhere, trying to be super women; trying to fill fulfilled, that I hardly had time for the important things in life. This past fall our schedule was PACKED, it was nice to get to California for a few weeks to get away from it all.
Upon returning back home and starting the new year, I started to reflect upon the past year and set goals for the future. One of which was to do better at documenting our family life whether I downloaded the pictures or not. I figured, I can always go back and add photos later and the memories are what is truly important. I also was determined to not pack my schedule so full and let the little, more important, things slide. I hate to admit that I gave up an invite from a friend last month because I was determined to get my laundry done that day. I was so up tight about getting things done in a timely manner that I truly let friendships slip. And without having family out here, I need those friendships to remain strong.
So, I have been working on that these past few weeks of being back home. I kept a lunch date with a friend, which turned out to be a very busy day. I had thoughts of rescheduling, but I didn't and the two hours I relaxed and visited, was the highlight of my day and I still managed to get some errands done. I felt much more happy and complete after that busy day then I had in a long time.
As I looked trough the blog this morning, I realized I am still behind for 2013. I haven't done what I coached myself to do for this new year, I am determined to write down our past events, but I won't let it stress me out to the point that I don't do it at all. I just can't do it all. I am not super women! And I don't have to be. But reading through old posts and recalling memories I had forgotten about and sharing old pictures with Savannah and Zachery, who were looking over my shoulder grinning at their younger smiling faces, made me realize that this is one of the important projects, not to let slide for laundry. So hopefully at the end of this year I will have much more then 6 posts on our family blog. And hopefully I will be more determined to make a book out of all our memories to look back on in the future to come.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

We rung in the new year in style this year. Our kids were tired, our feet were sore, and our backs ached. But all was forgotten when the announcer wearing his silver glittery sports coat stood on the podium and brought the excitement into the crowd by a human wave and happy new year shouts. The backdrop was set at Paradise Pier, in California Adventure Park. The countdown started with ten and was ended with cheers, kisses, and an awesome display of fireworks combined with amazing water features from the bay. It was exciting and a joyous way to make a fresh start to a new year. Thanks to a great dad for making the Disney experience happen again for our children.

January first was full of more Disney excitement. We ended the evening by giving away some extra fast pass tickets, for Space Mountain, to a surprised and very grateful couple and decided to make that our family's new year resolution: make a point to do some sort of act of kindness each day.

To the new year! Happy 2013!