Life in the Wight House

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday, June 21

Here are some random cute pictures of the kids for Saturday. It was a hot day and we spent most of the day outside in the pool.

Savannah talking on her phone. She has her phone in her pocket most of the time. She loves to talk on it. Grandma Sammie's Birthday presents came in the mail and she loves the Tinkerbell bubble blower. She thinks it is great that she can actually blow the bubbles through it. Both kids have such a hard time blowing bubbles out of the regular small bubble wand.

"Fishing" in the ditch. This is RJ's favorite fishing spot. There is a tree root sticking out just above the water were he can rest his feet so they don't go in the water. You wouldn't want any of those "fish" biting off his toes. Bioth kids caught a fish ;)

Nothing like a Popsicle after a nice swim.

Both boys got a hair cut. After RJ's hair cut Savannah a RJ attempted to cut Daddy's hair. (They were only allowed to use the No.6 blade). Afterwards Mommy finished up the

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random pics. from the week

We have had a fun filled week enjoying the nice warm weather. Summer has hit Idaho and we were able to were shorts all week and even pull out the pool. Seth came to visit RJ both Monday and Tuesday and then RJ spent all afternoon at his friend, Wade's home on Wednesday. He had so much fun playing with friends this week. The kids also had their annual doctor's appoints, no shot! And both are very healthy. Next year RJ will be getting his kindergarten shots. I can't believe that in only one year he will start school. We also all had dentist appoints and again no problems. RJ was so excited for the dentist appoint, he loves going. He likes "Mr. Thirsty" and having his teeth tickled. But he hates going to the doctor because he always thinks he is going in for shots. He won't like it too much next year. I took a few random pictures through out our lazy week. We are getting new neighbors soon. The are gutting the house at the moment and I am not sure when they will be moving in. The have two little girls one is 6 and the other is 4. The put this little calf on their property to help keep down some of the pasture. Sally hates the cow and we had to get her a bark collar for all the barking and growling she does anytime the calf is near. They also have a golden retriever pup about the same age as Sally. These two dogs play with each other like crazy through the fence. They like to run up and down it chasing eachoher.

We planted our garden the end of May when we had a hot weather spell. Unfortunately, it has been cool, rainy, and very windy the last few weeks. The pounding rain and the harsh wind destroyed most of our garden. On Monday we cleaned it out again and tried planting a few more plants and seeds. Hopefully they will take.
By the end of the week we were hot!! We got out the pool and made a water slide. The kids loved it.

Bear Gulch

Last weekend we went up to Bear Gulch for a little day hike as well as Mesa Falls. Unfortunately, it cost money now to see the falls and we didn't have any cash on us. So, we missed seeing the falls, RJ was a little disappointed but he still had fun doing some geocaching up in the area. Since it was an hour drive up there (one bad thing about moving closer to the city), the kids were able to watch a movie in the car. Here is a picture of Jared's Red Neck DVD holder. It worked great for the day but the heat from the following week destroyed it.
The kids thought it was so cool to walk through this tunnel under the road.

Savannah was a little tuckered out from the walk.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

My Special Daddy

My Daddy is the most wonderful Daddy in the world.
He is as handsome as a car.
He is as strong as a robot.
He can lift 15 lbs. and is 100 ft. tall.
His favorite food is everything.
His favorite activity is golf.
In the good ole days, when Daddy was little he used to play with toys, like robots.
I think my Daddy looks funny when he makes funny faces.
But I know he is really mad when he yells.
I wish my Daddy would stay at home with me everyday.
I would not trade my Daddy for everything.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!! I love you!

Love, RJ

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Snow

Like I said before, the weather hasn't been all that nice. It is funny how we always complain up here that we don't get a spiring. We go straight from winter to summer and sometimes have maybe two weeks of spring in April. Anyway, lately it has been windy and rainy and cool. We are definitely having a Spring and we are complaining that it isn't Summer time here. I guess because the kids are all out of school, so it should feel like summer. I guess technically it is still Spring time till June 21st.
We are thankful for the cool weather keeping the mountains cooler so we don't have a fast snow melt cause flooding. The rivers are all very high. We have been blessed with lots of water this year. But some sunny weather is always so nice. I get tired of being inside all the time, especailly after a long winter like we had. But I know after a week or too of Hot weather, I'll be wishing for a cool breeze. We just are never satisfied are we. Or maybe it is just me. Well, anyway, like I said before, Monday was our first and nice day in the past three weeks. Wednesday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground. We spent the afternoon at Blast Off to get out of the house. But the cold won't be lasting too long. It is forcasted to be in the 80's this weekend. Can't wait to get outside again.

Idaho Falls Zoo

On Monday, for Savannah's Birthday, we went to the zoo. The weather here hasn't been very good lately. It has been very windy, cool, & raining. But Monday was nice, perfect day for the zoo. And we were lucky enough to be there when there wasn't very many people, so Savannah was able to get out of the stroller and walk around. She liked that a lot. RJ took the map and was our leader in directing which was we should go. He like being in charge of the map.
Looking at the alligator. We were here a month ago and the alligator wasn't here. The kids were excited to see him.
Each time we go to a zoo, RJ likes to see how far he can stretch. He hopes to stretch as long as these birds some day.
Golden Eagle. I had to really zoom in to get this shot.

We saw these baby duck a month ago when they were still all yellow. Very cute.
This shot was kind of fun. He was looking right at the camera.

Savannah pointing out a Wallaby. All this time I thought they were baby kangaroos till I finally read the sign. They are wallabies.

There was a baby cub sleeping near this Mama lion. She was glaring at everyone almost as if she was saying, "don't you dare wake my cub!"

It was a fun day at the Zoo.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Savannah's Birthday Party

Our little girl will turn two on June 9th. We had some family over for a celebration today after church. Can't believe how fast these kids grow. Here is our birthday girl, isn't she a cutie. We wanted to make a "Boots" cake for her. We found a Dora cake pan but it didn't have Boots with Dora. Savannah loves Dora. She calls everything related to Dora, "Boots" So, Jared was kind enough to make the cake this year, drawing the Boots character onto the cake. He did an amazing job. He defiantly has got some of his mom's talent for drawing and patiences. He stayed up till midnight Saturday night getting it done, about 4 hours over all. Isn't it fantastic?!
The Karl family came over for the party. Seth and RJ are great buds. They sat on the new bench/table on the swing set for our BBQ dinner and Savannah of course had to join them.

Present Time
RJ picked out this My Little Pet Shop gift for her. He said that Savannah just had to have it and the she would share with him. Hmmm, I wonder you really had to have it? Savannah of course had a hard time sharing after the present were opened and RJ wasn't too happy about that. Kids will be kids.

Grandma Bartly got Savannah her first doll. Here she is showing Aunt Marilyn her new baby.

We fixed up this old doll cradle that my uncle had made for me for my second birthday. She had fun putting her baby to sleep.

Aunt Marilyn and fam. got her a doll stroller, which she loved. She had to put all her gifts in it and push them around.

Time for cake.

I was going to get a family picture with the cake before we did the candle and all, but I forgot. But I did manage to get one, and of course RJ has to be a goof ball.

And a family photo with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins.
Jared, Jen, RJ, Savannah, Seth, Aunt Marilyn, Sirrea, Britteny, Kenzie, Uncle Eric, & Josh