Life in the Wight House

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting too big

Zachery is growing up WAY too fast!! He wants so bad to play with his big brother and sister. We all love him dearly but I so wish he would slow down a bit and be my little baby. I feel he might be our last and I just want to enjoy him as a baby just a little bit longer. Zachery enjoys his bathes. We tired sink bathes but our little apartment sink is just too small, so he gets to go straight to the bathtub. He loves to splash around and has even more fun when RJ or Savannah join him in the tub.

Like I said earlier, He started crawling on his 6th month mark (Oct. 4th) Since then he has tried to stand up along the counch.

And two weeks later he did it! On Oct 16th Zachery pulled himself to standing with the help of the couch.

He was sooo proud of himself, he couldn't stop laughing.

Lately he has been attempting to walk along the couch and there as been a few times he has tired to stand up on his own. Too fast kiddo, you are growing up just WAY too fast!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Trip

Last weekend we drove four hours North East to the America's Historic Triangle (Williamsburg. Jamestown, and Yorktown). We also made our way over to Virginia Beach. We had lots of fun plans, but unfortunality it rained and so we didn't get to do as much as we would have liked. But we still enjoyed the weekend.

I drove and the last 15 minutes of the trip Zachery about had it with the car and his car seat. And this is what happens when Daddy is in charge of keeping the kids entertained......
Yep, at 6 months, Zachery got his first dum-dum sucker. Thanks Daddy.
You can see how much he enjoyed it. And I have to say that it was indeed quit the last 10 minutes of the drive.

We stayed in Williamsburg but didn't get to see much of it. The price to really get into it was a little high. There were a few things that were free but most of it was costly and we didn't think the kids would like it much, being so young. So we decided to spend most of our Historic time in Jamestown and Yorktown, since it was a little cheaper.

Jamestown Settlement had a fun little Indian Village to walk around in, a Fort, and replicas of the three ships the settlers came across on, as well as a large museum describing the beginning history of the USA. We very much enjoyed.

The next day it poured. We were hoping to spend some time at Yorktown because they were going to be having some special activities since it was Yorktown's anniversary weekend. But we didn't want to get sick standing out in the rain and cold. So we drove to Virginia Beach and went to the Aquarium.

It was a small Aquarium, but still fun. The rain hadn't let up so aftwards we went bowling.

It was sunny and nice our last day, of course. We went to Yorktown for their big parade. RJ enjoyed practicing his sword fighting before the parade started, he put on quiet a show.

This is the Nelson house, the only home we were able to tour while in Yorktown. The kids were running around like crazy so we decided to give up touring anymore of the museums and shops.

This house is still occupied and I feel in love with it when I saw it. It was gorgeous, my kind of house.

Since we didn't make it to VA Beach, we spent the afternoon on the shore at Yorktown. The kids loved it. After which we had lunch and drove back home. I can't wait to go back and actually see more historic sights once the kids are a little older. Or maybe for a weekend getaway someday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Good Citizen

RJ and Ms. Harvey (RJ's Kindergarten Teacher)

We had Parent Teacher Conference and received Progress Reports last week. RJ is one of the top students in Ms. Harvey's class. She had nothing but terrific things to say about RJ. I told her that he would only remain in her class until Thanksgiving because we will be moving into a new school. She was really sad to hear the news. And extremely disappointed that RJ was leaving her classroom.
RJ will be starting into the highest reading group this next 6 weeks. He is so excited to be reading books. Ms. Harvey also shared with me his recent math tests which were both 100%. RJ is enjoying school much more then he did at the beginning of the year. Two weekends ago he had a four day weekend and he couldn't wait to get back to school. I am excited that he is enjoying school and am glad that his teacher enjoys him so much.

After each six week period the elementary school has an assembly to recognize some of the top students. The highest award that is given out is the Good Citizenship Award and each teacher picks one student from their classroom who exhibits the high qualities the award demands. RJ received this award and we couldn't be more proud of him. The following photo is of RJ in the assembly. He is the one in the front wearing the light blue shirt. It is a horrible photo since I was standing all the way in the back of the cafeteria.
From what Ms. Harvey tells me, RJ is a totally different child in school then when he is at home. At school he actually sits STILL and QUIET and follows direction the FIRST time the are given. Ms. Harvey had a chance to see RJ outside of school. At the time he was running around and bouncing of walls like crazy. Doing the normal RJ thing and she couldn't believe it was the same kid. I am dying to know her secret.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It is Official

Our home in Idaho closed today. We no longer own the house or a house for that matter. It is very bitter sweet. There were a lot of things about the house that drove us nuts and hurt our bank account but the majority of the time we loved it. The neighbors were great, the location was awesome, the yard was fun. We will miss it.
The new owners sound good. They have remolding plans, I wish them the best of luck. They have some kids who were excited about the yard and play set we had to leave behind. They have some horses so the lot will go to good use. I am happy for them. Their last name is Webster and they have been living in Iona, so some of you may know them. But this is all the info I have on them.
I sure hope you all in Iona enjoy your new neighbors. We miss you.

Blackwater Creek Trail

Fall is slowly making it's way here. The leaves a just starting to turn. This photo was taken last week. It is a tree right in front of our apartment. It has much more color now and I want to go out and take another picture, but it has been so cool and rainy, I haven't adventured out.
It was 85 degrees last Friday so we made the most of it. Friday evening we walked around the Blackwater Creek Bike trail. It is such a gorgeous trail along the river. There is a 7+ mile paved bike way and 14 miles of trails through the forest and along the river. I fell in love with trail and know we will be using it often. It is located just 5 miles from our home.

As you can see, it is still pretty green here. We are heading to Williamsburg and Jamestown this weekend for some history lessons. I'm not sure how much history we will get in with the kids. We may just spend most of the time at the coast. Either way, we should have some more fun pics. soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we went to a nearby pumpkin patch. The kids had fun picking out a small pumpkin to paint and playing on all the blow up jumpers.

Time to pick out pumpkins for craving. RJ found the largest one he could find. Savannah picked out a pretty good size one as well. Daddy couldn't resist getting himself a pumpkin and Mommy found one for Zachery. We love this time of year.

Awww, don't you just want to pick him up and give him a big squeeze?

Happy now that Mama's got him
(He is such a Mama's boy!)

Trying for a photo with all the children. This is the best we could get.