Life in the Wight House

Sunday, May 15, 2011

RJ's Birthday and More

Wow, it has been awhile since I have updated this blog. My goal is to get all the pictures on here in order starting where I left off. So this is a post about our February.

RJ turned 7 on February 20th (I guess not much happened before then, because I have no pictures). To celebrate RJ's birthday we had a Super Hero Party and it was tons of fun! We sent invites to 7 friends requesting that they report to the Super Hero Training Center ASAP. They were expected to pass 3 tests in order to receive their Super Hero License and help stop the Riddler from ruining the birthday boy’s party.

I dressed up as the Super Mom and Secretary for the SHTC. As the boys arrived I welcomed them to “boot camp” and made sure their parents knew that they would be official super heroes when they came back to pick up their child. I also issued each of them a uniform (a t-shit with their initials on it and a super hero symbol). They were able to decorate their uniform with fabric makers while the rest of the trainees arrived.

Once the boys were done, a surprise guest arrived to kick off the training.

(It took a lot of coxing to get Papa Wight to dress up, and we are so thankful he did.

The boys LOVED it.)

The first test was to test their memories. The boys were to find all the villain matches, but the fun part of this game was that they could shoot the cards they wanted to turn over with a Nerf gun. Once they passed the test they were able to dress in their uniforms and prepare for test two.

Test two was a test of speed and rule following. The kids were put through a rigorous obstacle course. (We were so excited to have had perfect weather to be outside!!!) But just before the course started, Riddler crashed our party and dropped a bunch of bombs that the boys had to quickly disarm.

Once they passed the second test they were issued their masks

Test three was a test of strength. (Every party needs a Pinta!)

RJ requested a Pinta, and I created this in two days, it was a rush but I am more then happy with the results

Once they passed this last test the boys were rewarded their capes and were to prepared for graduation. But as soon each boy had their cape on, the Riddler appeared! The new super heroes stepped into action with little fear, grabbing a can of silly string they rushed out to defeat the Riddler once and for all.

At this point I went to the computer to put the boys’ pictures on an official Super Hero License. I soon learned that the Riddler was locked up in our shed with a pad lock that we had no key for. I was worried that a lock smith was going to have to be called or something and the party would come to a close sooner then later. Luckily we were able to slide the locked door over just enough for our prisoner to escape. But those super heroes were sure proud of themselves.

With the Riddler defeated we celebrated with birthday cake, followed by the announcing of Super Names, and gift giving. It was sure a fun party!

Papa Wight has been to every one of RJ’s birthdays. We always look forward to his visit. This year he gave RJ a bow and arrow which he has LOVED.

RJ was pretty upset when we told him it was time to say good bye to Papa.

On February 25, RJ, Savannah, and I went with our neighbors to the Nature Zone. Savannah is a little animal lover and loved the whole experience.

The end of the month brought signs of spring and we were all excited to see the flowers start to bloom. And the last day of the month the weather was just perfect for a camp fire. We had our friends, The Malone’s, over for roasted hot dogs, it was a fun night.

That night Savannah said "Mommy, we had a LONG day! We woke up and had breakfast and went to church and Ethan and Lauren came over and we had hot dogs and a fire. I am so tired! Nite." and then she quickly feel asleep.

And that was our February!!!