Life in the Wight House

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picture Update

So the past two weeks have been very busy with diapering and feeding and trying to rest and give the older kids attention as well as keep the house somewhat in order. These past two weeks I have wished we lived closer to family in CA, it would be very helpful. So because of all this I have slacked off on updating the blog. So here are a lot of pictures from the last two weeks. 

First Easter:
My mom was still here during Easter. The kids were able to dye eggs with her help and they of course enjoyed it, what little kid doesn't??

The city had an Easter Egg hunt and my mom and Jared took the kids down to it on Saturday. They had lots of fun. 

On Sunday the Easter Bunny left a Treasure Hunt for the kids. The went around the house looking for eggs that had clues inside that told them were to find their baskets. 

This is the best photo I could get of the kids in there Easter outfits. The lighting in my house is horrible. Still haven't figured it out with my camera yet. 
Sharing the large chocolate Easter Bunny
We had a delicious Easter dinner at my Aunt's house. The Easter bunny also stopped there and the kids had another egg hunt. 

Saturday the 11th, Jared and my mom took the kids to Bear World. They had fun seeing the animals but the rides were the best. 

Pictures of Baby Zach

One Week Old
We tired to get a photo of Zachery with my Cousin's baby, Milo. The two are exactly 6 months apart. It was hard to get them happy at the same time. We ended up waiting till Milo was asleep. 

Zach's first bath in the tub at three weeks old.

Savannah has become Zach's personal hair dresser

The weather was really nice last week and we got RJ a new bike and Savannah some bike gear. They were both really excited about their gifts. 

Here is a random photo. Savannah doesn't like going to bed and makes all kind of excuses to get out. After turning off the TV and heading to bed, we found Savannah asleep on the steps.
Last Sunday we tired to find a Geocache. We ended up on the wrong side of the trail and didn't find the cache. But we did enjoy the warm afternoon walk by the river. 

The kids did find a fish out of the river still flopping around. 

Yesterday the Zoo had a big Earth Day celebration full of recyclable art projects and free zoo admission. Jared and the kids went and had a blast. He also took them to a kite festival. The kids really needed to get out of the house and they enjoyed time with their daddy. I enjoyed having some quite time. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

So Excited!!!

So back in August I applied to be a Scrap Girl Lay Out Artist. I was put on the waiting list, not knowing how long that list was. All I was told is that some get on the list and others don't. Once on the list, you have a sure shot of getting picked when a position opens up. Well apparently a position finally opened up and Scrap Girls chose me to be one of their new Lay Out Artists. I am so excited!!

So what does this mean?? Well, in my eyes, I get to do my favorite hobby, digital scrapbooking, with all my favorite products from Scrap Girls FREE! Basically I am required to create wonderful scrap pages to showcase and advertise the awesome products that Scrap Girls has to offer Digital scrapbookers and other digital crafters. I have to create three layouts a month that will be highlighted in their daily newsletters. I have to create another three layouts during the month and submit them to scrapbooking magazines. And once a month I have to do a product review for their newletter. The pay is free products. I get to use their products free of charge and get bonus pay in cash for any layout that is published in a magazine.

I am just so thrilled that I was able to get on the waiting list for the Layout Artisit team on my first try and even more excited that I was choosen once a position was finally available! Scrap Girls is awesome!!!


Unfortunately, Sally needs to find a new home. She is a great dog and the kids love her dearly. We will all be sad to see her go, but she deserves so much more then we can give her right now. With the new baby, we have been overwhelmed with three kids. Sally makes it seem like four. We have a hard enough time giving RJ and Savannah the attention they need right now. And Sally craves attention as well. Someone has to go, and it can't be the kids. Anyone who knows of a loving family looking for a loving dog please let us know. Sally really deserves a better home then what we can give her.

Info: Basset Hound Mix, 2 years old, female, spayed, up to date on shots, GREAT with young kids, good with other dogs, not sure about cats, doesn't cause a mess in the house, is both an indoor and outdoor dog, does like to bark when she sees other animals outside, is very obedient.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zachery James

Happy Easter Everyone!
Zachery James is now a week old and we have very much enjoyed the new love he has brought into our home.

RJ and Savannah adore their little brother. We were worried about how Savannah was going to react and afraid she would be too rough with the baby, but quite the opposite has happened. She is a great big sister and has been very careful around Zachery. RJ however is another story. He loves his new baby brother but he isn't as careful around him. We have had many talks with RJ about rough housing around the baby, but it hasn't seemed to stick yet. Even Savannah is constantly telling RJ to be careful. He just can't wait till Zachery is old enough to play. He keeps asking when that time will come. Patience doesn't seem like his strong suit.

(RJ says Zach's fingers look like little carrots)
Zach's first bath.
Savannah enjoyed brushing his hair.
RJ reading Zachery his first story.
Grandma with her new grandson.
Thanks mom for all your help this past week.

Birth Story Told by Mom:
Jared did very well at keeping the blog updated with pictures. After his last post he told me he was done and the blog was turned back over into my hands. I have had several comments on wanting to hear how the birth went from my point of view.
Well, even though I was almost a week over due and had been battling a horrible cold, the birth and delivery was quick and easy. My three week sinus infection started clearing up on Wednesday.
Thursday, I walked and walked to try to get the labor started. After several walks I started a few minor contractions that didn't stay.
Friday, I had another Doctor appointment. The baby was turned the wrong direction, but head was still down just face the wrong way. My doctor figured that was the reason I wasn't having any contractions. He scheduled in induction for Monday at 11am, which was supposedly a magic time because two ladies before me had that appointment, both were in the hospital having their babies. I was hoping for the same luck.
I had been induced with my other two and was hoping to go on my own this time around. So after the appointment I walked again, for three hours straight. Contractions finally came more regularly. They weren't very intense but they were regular. We were in Rexburg (where I was planning on having the baby) and Jared had hopes of staying there. But the contractions seemed to dye down and we left for home around 10pm.
During the drive home the contractions picked up to very 7 minutes. I figured as soon as we were home we would have to turn around and go back. But they never seemed to increase in intensity and I just didn't feel like it was time yet. I had a few more through out the night but by morning there was nothing.
Saturday, we watched the first session of conference and I took a walk during the two hour break. Still, nothing. During the second half of conference Jared tried some pressure points that was supposedly supposed to cause labor. One did cause a major contraction. He had pressed on my aklis tendon really hard. It hurt like crazy, worse then the contraction and I told him no more! We read that eating pineapple could induce labor and we just so happened to have a fresh pineapple. So we cut it up and I ate the whole thing. Half an hour later, I was having regular contractions. They started to get harder and at 6 we headed to the hospital. We were all admitted by 7, I got an epidural and at 10:06 Zachery was born.
Pushing was of course the hardest, he had a big head but he was turned the right direction. The doctor used a suction to help him out. And amazingly I didn't rip or tear, so no stitches!
Zachery James was 7lbs 8oz. My biggest baby. He is a very good eater. That is all he wants to do when he is awake. But thankfully, he is a very good sleeper as well. He only requires one feeding in the middle of the night. I sure hope his sleeping habits and good behavior continue. We have been very blessed.