Life in the Wight House

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Princess Ball

So here it is, the pictures from Savannah's Princess Ball Birthday Party. We continued the tradition and went all out for Savannah's first birthday party with friends. We chose the theme of a Princess Ball and it was a blast!

Savannah helped me make this crown for her she was so excited about it but once she was dressed up for her party she refused to wear it. She wanted to wear a princess tiara instead. I had to beg her to wear it for this picture.

We also made these cute hats for the party guests.

We made these invitations for four of her little girl friends and requested that they come in their royal attire. Only three friends were able to make the party.

Here is the royal family awaiting their guests.

The guest are of course welcomed ....

.....with none other then a red carpet ....

.....and a knight announcing their presence.....

Once the Princess's arrive they received their party hat as well as a necklace and matching ring.

We then decorated our own jewelry boxes with glitter and gems.

Once our boxes were decorated we were off to get ready for our ball with a
royal makeover and manicure.

Here are the four little princesses all ready for their royal ball

Some of them could hardly wait to get inside

The King spent hours preparing a magic ball for his princess and the girls loved it!

But first we must see if we can get a prince to join us. So we played Kiss the Frog.

It turned out that the Prince was too shy to dance. But the Four Little Princess still had fun without him. They played Freeze Dance to Disney Princess Music and Ring a Round the Roses. But over all the Princesses just enjoyed twirling around under the twinkling lights.

After so much dancing the princesses were hungry and were ready for their royal lunch of PB&J, Strawberries, Carrot sticks, and Lemonade. The royal Knight was pleased to serve them.

After Lunch the Princess sat on her throne and the gifts were given to her.
Followed by lots of hugs.

Next we treated our guests with a royal birthday cake

Followed by a Pinata full of Princess treats.

I think the Four Little Princesses all had a blast. I know the Birthday girl sure did. Thank you all for making her day so special.

And a big thanks to my friend Jessica who took so many great pictures for me so I could enjoy the party myself.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Savannah, We Love You!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thing of the past

The other day RJ was reading a story in which a duck was late to his friends birthday party. All kinds of things were causing him bad luck. One of which was a bus he was riding broke down and everyone was ordered off. After getting off the bus the duck decided to find a phone to call his friend and let her know he was on his way.
After reading this RJ stopped and became very confused. "Find a phone?" He asks. As I looked at his face I can tell he is very confused and then it dawned on me. In this day of age there is no need to find a phone. Everyone usually has a cell phone with them. And how many working pay phones do we really yes now a days? Hardly any, they are definitely a thing of the past.
Wow, I'm becoming old!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Princess truned 4!

On June 9th, 2006 our sweet little girl joined our family.
3 months

1 Year
Savannah seemed to enjoy the candle much more then she enjoyed her 1st birthday cake.

2 years
Daddy wowed everyone with this awesome Boots cake he made for his little girl!

3 years

And today, our beautiful princess turned 4.

We continued the tradition and gave Savannah a fun Princess Party last Saturday. If you remember RJ had a huge pirate bash for his fourth birthday. The fourth birthday is the first birthday the kids had with a group of friends and we created an elaborate themed party for them. I will post pictures of Savannah's Princess Party soon.

We love you Savannah and can't imagine what life would be like with out you. You bring so much joy, laughter, excitement, and love to our family. We love you!