Life in the Wight House

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cute Conversation

After watching a commercial RJ turned to me and said: "Mom, I need Sketchers!"

Me: Why? You already have two pairs of shoes.

RJ: I need Sketchers so I can kiss shoe laces good-bye!

Me: You don't even have shoes with shoe laces.

RJ: Oh.

RJ has also created a new word that I think is really cute and wonder why it isn't in the dictionary. His new word: Yesternight

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Bear World (June 16th)

RJ and Savannah have a chore chart and when they get their chores down for the day the receive a ticket "Good for one free ______." I download these fun tickets from Family Fun. Most of the tickets are small items like a trip to the dollar store, or an ice cream treat, or trip to their favorite park, etc. Then there are some bigger prizes like bear world or the zoo. They pick tickets randomly and never know which one they will get. RJ happened to pick the trip to Bear World the very first time we tried this. Unfortunately, it has been raining the whole month on June. We seriously have gotten tons of rain! The news casters have said that we broke the record for rain fall in a month, which was back in 1968. So RJ had to hold onto his ticket till we had a good clear day. Two weeks ago we had a break in the weather and decided we better use his ticket. It was a fun afternoon, despite the fact that we didn't get to Bear World till after noon and the bears were all taking their naps. It was a hot day too so it was hard to spot the sleeping bears because they all took shelter in the shadows. However, Zach slept the whole time, thank goodness, and the kids spent hours riding the kiddie rides over and over again. It was fun.

The Rare White Elk:

Watching the bear cubs play, they didn't mind the heat:
Sleepy Bear

This is one of their favorite rides, the rode it over and over again.

On the roller coaster, another favorite.

The last few times we went to Bear World, RJ refused to go on this ride. Savannah has always loved it. RJ made a friend on this day who persuaded RJ to ride with him. RJ was a little nervous as you can see.

But in the end he loved it and declared that it wasn't scary at all.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The text on the page says:
My dad is smart.
He builds with me.
He likes it when I listen.
I like camping with him.
We like grapes.
He plays sports with me.
I love my dad.
We tried to get some good Father's Day pictures but someone was always looking away or pulling a face. This is the best we got.
My Special Daddy
My Daddy is the most wonderful Daddy in the world.
He is as handsome as a Bug.
He is as strong as a Glove.
He can lift 7 lbs. and is 11 ft. tall.
His favorite food is Chicken.
His favorite activity is Mom.
In the good ole days, when Daddy was little he used to play with toys, like RJ.
I think my Daddy looks funny when he makes Funny Faces.
But I know he is really mad when he Cries.
I wish my Daddy would Try on Shoes with me everyday.
I would not trade my Daddy for Zachery.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!! I love you!
Love, Savannah

My Special Daddy
My Daddy is the most wonderful Daddy in the world.
He is as handsome as a Space Man.
He is as strong as a Lion.
He can lift 20 lbs. and is 23 ft. tall.
His favorite food is Chicken.
His favorite activity is playing with me.
In the good ole days, when Daddy was little he used to Ride his Bike.
I think my Daddy looks funny when he makes Funny Faces.
But I know he is really mad when We do Something Bad.
I wish my Daddy would Play Indiana Jones with me everyday.
I would not trade my Daddy for My Favorite Toy.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!! I love you!
Love, RJ

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zachery's 2 month check up

Zachery had his 2 month shots today which is never very fun. He did pretty well with them. I remember RJ having a high fever after his and Savannah slept the whole day after hers. Zachery has been a little out of it but not much. One of the shots he got orally which was new to me. I don't remember which one, but it was just some liquid they had him drink from a dropper.
Anyway, he is 12 lbs and 11 oz. and 22 3/4 inches tall. He is my biggest baby so I went back to look at how he compares to the other two. RJ was this size at 4 months! He was such a scrawny little guy. Savannah was just a little smaller, she was 10lbs at 2 months.
Zachery is starting to teeth. He is drooling like crazy. I really need to pull out all the baby bibs I have in the basement. He is supper strong too and can almost do an army crawl when he is on his tummy. I think he is going to be another fast crawler and walker like his sister.
I'll post some pictures soon, but everyone is doing well and enjoying life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Savannah is three!

Savannah's birthday was Tuesday, June 9th. I let her open up her cards and one gift from our neighbor. Then we went to Payless and bought her new shoes. We had a party for her with family Wednesday night.

This card sang to her, she loved it and kept opening and closing it all week.I think she now knows the song by heart.

This piggy bank has her name on it. Thanks, Beth!

So we have made a special themed cake for the kids every year. Savannah asked for a princess castle cake. Here is what we came up with. I think it turned out awesomely!

She is hugging a new Strawberry Shortcake movie that RJ picked out for her.

My cousin, Heather made her this adorable Tutu. Thanks, Heather!

Brit and Savannah watching Strawberry Shortcake. Check out her new princess shoes on the couch. She also got the Pretty Pretty Princess game and a Belle Princess Dress. It was an all princess birthday for our little princess.

Thursday morning she tired on all her princess dresses and danced in each one. Didn't get a photo of her as Cinderella, she was too quick.

Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


RJ has started T-Ball. He seems to really be enjoying it. He has games every Mondays and Wednesdays for the month of June. He was so excited about his first game last week and he wanted so bad to invite his all time favorite babysitter, Katie, to watch him. He called her the night before and she came to watch him. He was so excited to have her there, he had a hard time keeping his mind on the game. 

RJ running to home plate:

In the field ready to catch the ball:

Making a hit:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Sick Bug

Tuesday morning, RJ complained of his tummy hurting. We figured he had a nervous tummy because it was the morning of his first T-Ball game. He played his game fine but still continued to complain throughout the day. By lunch time, Savannah crashed on the couch only to wake up three hours later to throw up. She continued to vomit throughout the evening, but her spirits were fine, you never would have known she was sick. RJ complained and rested till late in the evening until he finally lost it. After which he felt much better. On Wednesday I cleaned and Lysoled the entire house.

Thursday afternoon Jared came home sick. Luckily he didn't work Friday so he was able to spend the day resting.

And now it is Saturday. I woke up this morning with knots in my tummy and aches in my muscles. We had plans to bless Zachery tomorrow as well as celebrate Savannah's b-day. We are postponing these plans.

Jared has been amazing today. Not sure how he did it. He took care of all three kids while I slept. Not only that he cleaned most of the house so when I do start feeling better I don't have a mess to worry about getting too. He not only picked up the clutter, he did some deep cleaning, mopping the floors, getting all the dishes cleaned and put away, scrubbing the hard water stain out of the toilet, and getting rid of the mold on the shower ceiling. He put me to shame, I don't know how he got all that cleaning done while watching three kids and taking care of a sick wife.

He is now out on a date with is daughter. We had plans to take her to the Ballet for her birthday and he gladly decided to go. How many men would go to the ballet with their daughters?
Jared you amazed me today and I really appreciate all you did. I love you, you are the best!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

End of May

We had plans on attending the Annual Fisherman's Breakfast up in St. Anthony Friday the 22nd. We haven't missed a year in the past six years and we were looking forward to visiting with old friends. Jared came home Thursday night and wondered what else we would do the rest of the weekend. He had a four day weekend and didn't want to stay home and do yard work. We had thoughts of going up to Montana but I didn't want to pay for a hotel and it was still too cold to camp. Plus with a two month old, camping doesn't sound very appealing. So Jared asked me to be spontaneous and pack the car to make a surprise visit to our family in CA. It took me a while to agree. But I knew if we didn't do something this weekend I would hear a lot of complaining. So I decided to give in and be spontaneous. It was 8pm and the van needed an oil change. Jared made a quick trip to Walmart for oil and I packed the van. We were on the road by 10:30 pm. We drove through the night making it to Sacramento at 10:30 am Cali time. We were able to surprise everyone, almost giving a few relatives heartaches by the unexpected surprise. We stayed till Monday night visiting everyone but my dad and brothers who took a trip away themselves. I am a little sad we missed the Breakfast and the visit with old friends but I am really glad we went to CA. It was nice to be with family and show off the baby.
My Grandparents with Zachery.

Jared has being aching for months to take a bike ride. Saturday morning he and his dad went on a ride and Jared had a good time.

The kids had a bike ride as well.

Back Home
I love my yard in the Spring and Summer. We may have more weeds then lawn and we could really use a patio in the back but we do have this ditch that runs along the side of the house. The water just came in for the season, I love it. I call it my own private little creak. I am attracted to water (rivers, oceans, creaks, streams, waterfalls, etc.) Water in nature is just so peaceful and beautiful.
I love our small town neighborhood. We have horses and cows and sheep and ducks and chicken all over. It is so fun. The neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful. I love just sitting in our backyard on warm sunny spring/summer days and take in Earth's beauty.

There is a spot by the railroad tracks wear asparagus grows wild. We went out and picked some and made one of my favorite spring time dishes: Ham Asparagus Fettuccine. Wild, fresh picked Asparagus always taste so much better then store bought.
Cute kid picks of the week:

Here is one that has got to make you grin!