Life in the Wight House

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zachery's 1st Birthday

Not only was April 4th Easter, but it was also Zachery's first birthday. Where has the time gone?Our Happy Birthday Boy saying hello to Grandma Pearce on the computer.
Because we had only been back from California a day, I had little time to go shopping and prepare for Zac's birthday. We thought of having a party while we were in CA, but after he got sick, we weren't up to putting on a party and other plans kept getting in the way. Jared and I had bought a gift for Zachery off EBay but it didn't arrive on time. I wanted Zac to open something on his first birthday, so after dinner, Saturday night, while Jared was at the Priesthood session of conference, I took the kids to Toys R' Us and let them pick out a gift.

Zachery checking out the computer out of the corner of his eye.

The tool set the kids picked out.

At the bottom of this post is a video of Zachery learning what fire feels like,
poor baby got burned.

Daddy showing Zachery that his cake does taste good.

Savannah also wanted to help, unfortunately Zachery bit her finger after this photo was taken.

Zachery was a little unsure about the cake but he was really intrigued with the sprinkles.

Deciding to just go for it.
(He really didn't take a bite, but it made a funny picture. I think all our laugh worried him a little)

And the cake after Zachery was done.

Happy Birthday Zachery. We love you so much!

The following video was taken by RJ, excuse the shaky hands.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter 2010

I and the kids made it home from California late Friday night. Two days later the Easter bunny came to our home. RJ was the first to wake up and he went searching for his Easter Basket before anybody could even say "Happy Easter."
While he was on the hunt, we brought Zachery down stairs and Savannah soon followed in search of her basket. Zachery quickly located his basket behind the curtains in the front room.

Savannah looked for a good five minutes before finding her's behind the office door.

And RJ was extremely stumped. After fifteen minutes of turning the house inside out, he finally found his basket inside the pantry.

RJ was extremly excited to find a Star Wars movie in his basket.

We enjoyed brunch with some friends followed by an uplifting Sunday morning session of General Conference. It is so fun when Easter falls on the First Sunday of April. Listening to the Prophets is a great way to celebrate Easter Sunday.

After the Morning Session of Conference, we dyed our Easter Eggs.

(Side Note: Savannah LOVES dressing up in her princess outfits, any chance she gets, she is playing dress up)

While we were dying our eggs, the Easter Bunny came by again !

(Notice the shorts, it was a very warm day, somewhere in the 80's
It was nice to have an Easter Egg hunt in warm springy weather, never got that while living in Idaho.)

I think the Easter Bunny went a little over board on the candy this year.

Camera Fun

While in California, I finally found some time to study my camera's manual and photography tutorials I have had on my to do list for months. I still have a ton to learn but I started practicing using my camera in manual mode. I finally started a basic knowledge of F-stops and shutter speeds. Here are my first pictures taken manual
(out of the automatic modes!)My mom's first rose of the season.

I love walking around the creeks near my parents home, especially in the winter and spring time when everything is so green.

Back at home, enjoying his favorite cracker, the Graham cracker.

I have always wanted a purple tree. I was so excited when I came back to Virgina and everything was in bloom, and was even more pleased to discover my front tree is purple!!