Life in the Wight House

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finishing the project.

Sheet Rock

All trimmed and Patched. Now it is my turn. Time to pull out the paint.

The outside look. And yes it is snowing!

Welcome to Idaho. Thursday it was warm, flip flops and shorts, Friday a little over cast, but not bad. Saturday freezing our butts off cold, and Jared was kind enough to finish the outside window in the snow. Sunday came and back to the perfect crisp fall weather. T-shirts again, but maybe not shorts.

Before and After

Of Course we still have more work to do. But I think the window looks better then the old one. Just don't look to close, we centered it between the other window and the side of the house, not thinking about the eve above. But we have plans

A Perfect Bed, Sweet Dreams

I love this picture! Savannah is sleeping in the suitcase and RJ is in the big chair.

We went to Boise Thurs. Jared had to go up for work and I also had a SimplyFun meeting up there. My meeting was thrusday night so Jared got the kids. I got a ride with another consultant in the area. (the meeting was in Boise and we were staying next door in Meridian.) Anyway, half to Boise Jared calls telling me I took the keys to our van. Oops. Now Jared is stuck in the hotel with two little monsters. But they had fun swimming in the pool and walking three blocks to get dinner. The travel bed was in the car so Jared made a bed for Savannah in the suitcase. Perfect! I had a laugh when I got back. RJ thought the big chair was cool and thought it was neat that he could us it has a bed. I spent Friday morning with the kids as Jared went to his meeting. Then we took the kids out for a fun filled day at Boondocks before heading home. We would have stayed longer but I am learning that having a dog keeps you closer to home. By the way, funny story: we had Sally scheduled to be spaded monday (tomorrow) I do not want to deal with Heats and she isn't purebred so why not. Anyways, last night we realize she started her first heat. oops. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be helpful. :)


Spent Friday at Boondocks (kind of like Scandia) near Boise before heading back home. It was tons of fun. We just played on the kiddie playground and the arcade.

RJ won the pirtate hat with all his tickets.

Even daddy had fun!

Just some cute pics. of our QT's

Just got RJ's Halloween Costume. He is so excited!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Project

Notice the window on the right. It is smaller in size, very old (some of the pains our close to falling out), and there is no storm window covering it. It needs to be replaced. They all do but this one needs to be replaced right away. Of course I want a new window to be the same size as the other two. This means more work. But Jared "happily" agrees. (Isn't he great!) And the weekend project starts.

RJ pretending to fly out the open window.

Taking an outlet out of the wall to make the opening bigger.

Hello, GIANT hole in the wall. I'm glad we live in a safe neighborhood. This was the end of day one. We had a party to go to friday night and Jared was required to stop his work, shower, and come to the party. (Again, what a great guy!)

By the way, the hole was covered up with a tarp through the night.

Saturday, is here and we, I mean he, is working again.

Notice the tarp outside? It started to rain.

All framed. Time for the window. (I did help a little bit here, byway of lifting the window into the hole. I was so afraid I was going to drop my end and break the glass).

As we can see I didn't break anything. The window is in and the weekend is over. The project will rest until another weekend.


Smart Start Soccer is where the kids learn the basic beginning skills of soccer and the parents are participating big time. We just started the program on Wed. (every wed. for 6 weeks) RJ loved it and daddy had fun spending the quality time with him.

This is RJ and daddy warming up.

Savannah wanted so bad to join the fun. It was hard to keep her out of everyones way.

An Artful Morning

One morning RJ was in an artsy mood. He wanted to play with playdo , so I thought sure why not, as long as Savannah didn't eat it. Savannah has to do what everyone else is doing or she will throw the biggest fit. Somethings RJ has to wait to do still Savannah's nap time and he hates waiting. Anyway, we played with playdo and Savannah did pretty well with it. Not much in the mouth or on the floor. Much better then I expected. Then RJ declares he is done with playdo and wants to finger paint. The only "finger paint" I have is arlic paint which can get messy and stain clothes if not careful. So I think, should I risk it and let Savannah try, she did pretty good with the playdo or do I tell RJ he has to wait. Well, I of course say OK, lets try it. We put on our aprons and roll by or selves. And guess where most of Savannah's paint went. That's right. In her mouth and all over everything but the paper. After some help we did get it on the paper to create her first work of art. RJ was upset when he noticed that Savannah had mixed all the colors. So our painting session didn't last very long. As I hurried to clean the princess up while the paint was still wet and easy to wipe up. The Prince created 2 masterpieces and was satisfied with that. It was a good eventful morning. Will I paint with Savannah again? Probably not for awhile and especially not with a camera in my hands!

Playing with Trains

Watching them play is so much fun!


I having been doing ditigal scrapbooking. I just thought I would share some to my latest Lay Outs.

Family update


RJ started soccer and loved it! He is enjoying preschool and adores his teacher. He loves playing with is Cars and playing pirates. We are always doing one or the other. He also love books and wants to be read too all the time. He loves playing games (computer games, movie games, board games, you name it.) And he loves art projects, finger painting is his favorite.

Savannah's vocab. is growing. She now is saying uh-oh, shoe, hi, cheese (when the camera is out), done (when she is finished eating), book, dog, go (after she has her shoes on and wants to go out the door), she also tries to say "ready, set, go", but is is just noise and a definite "go". She loves reading books. One day we spent 45 minutes reading book after book and she sat through must of them before getting the next book. RJ has been going to preschool and she misses him. She cries when he goes and all she wants to do is have an early nap because he isn't around to entertain her, I guess I'm just not good enough. She loves to eat, especially meat! We had beef quesadillas the other day and Savannah would open them up and eat all the meat out, leaving the rest. She likes cheese, she just likes meat better! Savannah is also a dancer. Whenever the music is playing she is up moving to the beat and sometimes singing along. She is at such a fun age.

Jared is busy with his job and working on the house. He just got a promotion with a small raise. He is looking for employment else where because he is getting tired of the government issues but, I doubt we will be switching jobs any time soon, unless something really really good pops up. I'm trying to get him to stick with this job for a little while cause they will pay for him to get his masters degree which he will start in Jan. And because we just moved and we can't move right away again. He does like what he does and the people he works with, he just gets tired of all the gov. paper work.

I am doing the same old stuff. Playing mommy, and trying to get my scrapbooks up to date which is taking awhile since I don't get much time to myself. I don't have too much to say about me. But I'm doing good and am enjoying watching the kids grow and learn.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Geocache #9

Another Geocache, at the Wind farms east of Idaho Falls.

Looking for the cache.

We found it!

Savannah with the dino travel bug we found in Hawaii.

(She has cookie all over her face)

Savannah's first toothbrush

Ok, I'm a little slow. Savannah now has 10 teeth. It took her awhile but they came fast once they started coming in. We just bought her her first toothbrush and here we are brushing those teeth at last.

Savannah of course had to have a turn. Or maybe just suck the rest of the paste off.


It took all summer, but we finally got it! The Sand for our Sandbox! We had to borrow a truck and we were able to get a truck load of free sand from the near by golf course. Yeah! I like free stuff.

(No, this isn't our sandbox.)

Jared shoveling the dirt into the sandbox he built at the beginning of the summer. Here it is the end of the summer. Talk about procrastination.

The Kids of course have loved playing in the sand. Savannah especially.

RJ diving into the sand.

Maybe he misses swim lessons.