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Sunday, December 11, 2011

RJ's Star War's Story

RJ wrote this story all by himself. He worked on it over 2 days. Pretty neat imagination.

If you couldn't read it here it is:

Episode VII

Skeletons vs. Ninjas and Jedi’s

Once upon a time there were two brothers named, Wu and Garmandon. Garmandon became evil and wanted to take over the world and fell to the underworld. One day, five ninjas named Kia, Cole, Zane, Jay and Nya came to fight Garmandon and save the world. Meanwhile, in outer space Luke and R2-D2 have discovered a new planet called Elexagon. The ninjas were on there as well looking for Garmandon. Luke spotted a skeleton from Garmandon's army, named Bonzi. Luke comes up while the ninjas run and ka-pow they kill the skeleton. Luke and the ninjas became best friends and taught each other their special moves. One day Garmandon came out of the underworld all the Jedi’s and skeletons had a big fight. Garmandon tried to escape but the ninjas spotted him; they ran as fast as they could to the fire temple as Yoda followed. Krrrr! The powerful Garmandon shocks the ninjas. Will Garmandon take over the world or will Yoda jump out and kill Garmandon? Find out in this awesome episode.