Life in the Wight House

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Look

So I had a thought about getting creative with my blog. I wanted a new address. Idaho Wights just doesn't fit us. It was perfect at one time. We were the odd balls who lived in Idaho when all of our family lived in California. But after about six years of being the odd balls Jared's brother and family decided Idaho was much better then California (like we had been telling them, LOL). Anyway, we soon weren't the only Idaho Wights in the family. I thought then about changing our blog address to something a little more creative. But the thought sounded to much of a hassle. And it really didn't matter all that much, we were still Idaho Wights.
But now we are not. And the creative address thing has been in my mind for a few weeks. I think I am ready for a change. I like The Wight House but the address is already taken. A few different variations have been made. One of which is by some family who only blogged once in 2004 and I really wanted to email them and tell them to give up their blog so I can have their address. But that isn't very Christ like at all. So I refrained from that idea. However, Jared put his thinking cap on and came up with a variation that I can handle.
So, I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be changing our address soon. If you have a more creative idea please let me know. I want to know what you think.
If you read this and want to continue to read this please make a comment so I know to send you the new address when we make the change. Also, I'll need your email address, so I can email you with the change. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Kid Conversation

Prior to conversation: RJ created a Karate person on the computer using Photoshop Elements and my Digital Scrapbooking supplies.

Setting: in the car, on the way home from Karate Practice.

RJ: Oh, I forgot to give my Master the picture I made.
Me: You can give it to him next week.
RJ:Well, I guess its OK. I'm too shy, anyway. (said in a nervous voice)
Savannah: RJ, I can give it to him!
RJ: You can't go on stage.
Savannah: Oh, yeah.
RJ: *Sigh*
Savannah: You can give it to him after (practice)
RJ: Good idea! You're Brilliant!!
Savannah: Yeah.
RJ: Can I have your brain? Oh wait, never mind, I want my brain because it knows more stuff.
Savannah: Now your talking!
ME: (giggling in the front seat)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Visiting the Doc.

July 5th
Zachery and Savannah had Doctors appointments. This picture explains it all. Zachery had his 15month check up in which he received some shots and Savannah had a year check up and she ended up getting her kindergarten shots! But the interesting thing is all three kids were weighed (RJ got to stand on the scale for he fun of it) and they all weighed exactly 10 lbs more then the next.
Zach- 21 lbs. Savannah- 31 lbs. RJ- 41 lbs.

During the week of July 5th-10th Jared had a week at Scout Camp. This was his first Scout Camp here in Virginia. He enjoyed it, as always. He had a good group of boys. It poured on them Thursday night and they had a HUGE Lightening storm. Friday night another storm rolled in and they decided to pack up and head home instead of waiting till Saturday. This photo was taken as they were leaving, close to 10pm that night.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Scentsy Party

Dear Family and Faraway Friends,

I just hosted a Sentsy Party for a friend who is just starting out in this cool wick-less candle company. Most of you who know about Scentsy know that their fragrances are awesome and their warmers are beautiful and fun. Anyone can place an order through my party and receive free shipping! Just go to this link:, click on my name to add your order to my party, and start viewing and shopping their amazing products. You have until Monday! If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July Celebrations

On Saturday, July 3rd we had a BBQ and some firework fun with a bunch of friends. It was a blast! Lots of yummy food and laughter.
We set up the slip 'n slide and pools for the kids.

The girls had extra fun on the trampoline.

(FYI: Saturday morning Savannah woke up and laid on the couch, still a little tired. Zachery had opened up the cupboard under the sink and grabbed a can of Lysol. He decided to show the can to Savannah by throwing it at her head. Next thing I know Savannah was screaming her head off and when I came onto the scene her face was covered in blood! Yikes! Luckily it was just a little cut. Head wounds sure do bleed a lot. Needless to say she had a nice black eye for the rest of the week.)

After our BBQ we made some Vanilla Ice Cream in the hand crank Ice Cream Maker. The kids all had a turn cranking the Ice Cream.

The kids soon disappeared into the house and came out all dressed up and ready for dessert.

Zachery had been taking a late nap during this time. Once he got up he headed straight for the pool.

Once dusk fell upon us we let the kids play with Morning Glories and Sparklers

Zachery really wanted to get in on the fun

Then Jared brought out the fun stuff.

All in All it was a very fun evening.
We are grateful to live in America and
so much more grateful for all the friendship we have made here in Virginia!

Sunday July 4th we made a special 4th of July treat for our ward's Stone Soup Dinner.
The kids loved decorating it. And it was supper yummy!
(FYI: Stone Soup is what we call our monthly ward dinner. The first Sunday of every month is reserved for a fast. We try to fast for at least two meals and that Sunday we hold a testimony meeting instead of our regular Sunday talks (sermons). Our ward meets from 1-4pm. After our three hour block we gather together as a ward family and break our fast with a pot luck meal.)

Look a rare photo of myself!
Sunday night we headed to a near by parking lot to watch some fireworks that the Liberty University were supposed to shoot off. After an hour wait we got word that the fire department weren't allowing them to shoot of their fireworks because of wind. The kids were very disappointed. Maybe next year.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Holiday Lake

June 25th & 26th Jared came home early on Friday and asked what plans I had for the weekend. I had none. We had been so busy lately running from place to place and the thought of having nothing to do sounded very dull. Maybe it should have sounded appealing to finally have nothing on our agenda, but it didn't. We needed something to do. I mentioned that I had heard about this lake near by that had a beach. So Jared looked it up, realized it was a State Park and decided to throw all our camping stuff together and see if we could luck out with a camping spot.

The lake was 45 minutes away from our home, once we arrived the two available spots that we had called about were taken and the beach was already closed for swimming. But we still made the most of it. We played at the park, ate Ramon Noodles on the picnic bench, and I played with my camera. Loved it.

Zachery found this rock and carried it around for a good 5 minutes.
No one was allowed to touch his rock!

We got the kids a treat on the way home.
Needless to say, we had three messes kids when we arrived home.

The next day, as promised, we went back to the lake for a swim. It was a lot of fun. The swimming area was roped off and went up to 4 feet deep. It was mostly in the 2 1/2 feet deep range to 3 feet, perfect for the kids. There were also a lot of water play structures.
We had a blast!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blackwater Creek Trail

Monday, June 7th There is a fabulous paved bike/waking trail here in Lynchburg. I think it is about 10 miles long. There are several different entrances onto this trail and we decided to try a new section of the trail to take an evening stroll while Grandma was visiting. We took the boardwalk across the James River to an island where the trail continues. I love the trail because it is always shaded and cool even on hot humid Virgina Summer days. Plus the path is flat which makes it easy for the kids to enjoy (we don't find a lot of flat areas in this hilly state).

Once the kids reached their allotted walking time, Grandma treated us to dinner at the Depot Grill. This was an old train station turned into a restaurant. There is a lot of character and history inside the Grill which makes dinning there much more fun.

Zachery loved the spiced apples!

And Savannah is our odd ball child who loves sucking on lemons. I think bad teeth might be in her future if she continues this habit.