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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lots of Scrapbooking Pages

So here are a bunch of recent scrapbooking page that have all been published in the Scrap Girls newsletters during the month of February.

Ok, this one was published in today's newsletter: Journaling: This was such a sweet moment. RJ was learning to read and decided to try his hand with Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. He was doing very well with it, and Savannah seemed to think so, too. She curled up right beside him and listened intently as he read. January 2010
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This is a two page layout I did for an article I had to write.
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Close up of left side:Journaling: We knew there was some dead space behind the wall across from Savannah’s room. We weren’t sure what we would find behind the wall, but we were pretty certain the empty space could be transformed into another room, the same size as Savannah’s little attic bedroom. In November of 2007, Jared decided to cut a hole in the wall and see what we could find. Behind the wall was a mess! Insulation, wood pieces, and garbage covered the sub floor. We were later told that an attempt was made by the previous owners to create another room, but the attempt was failed and the area was walled off to sale. Jared went to work that winter, cleaning up the debris, removing trusses, insulating a window and door, and adding electricity. The project kept him busy throughout the cold Idaho winter.

Close up of right side:
After Christmas, Jared’s father came up and helped with some of the frame work. By February Jared had the room all framed and insulated.

By this point, Jared was burned out. Spring was on its way and many other projects took certain stage. The room was used as Jared’s work space for awhile as he organized his Grandpa’s slides. The room also became a temporary guest room when family came to visit that summer.

Once we found out we were expecting our third baby, I decided the room had to be finished that coming winter. Jared went back to work. He added sheet rock, paint, molding, and a closet organizer (which he was very proud of).

By April 2009 the room was complete and ready for our new baby. It was by far the best room in the house. Unfortunately, we had plans to sell and move across the country and the room was only in use for four short months.

Here is a fun card I created. I really enjoy making cards and should really make more of them.
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And this one was really fun to do. Digital and be so fun!
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This was my Valentine's layout I created for an old roommate. I just loved the photo of the two of them and asked if I could use it for my assignment.
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Digging out old photos, kids grow up way too fast!
Journaling: RJ's first Geocache was a success! He had a blast following the compass and directing the family to the treasure. Inside the cache, RJ picked out a new watch that he proudly wore for days. (These were taken in June of '07)
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