Life in the Wight House

Friday, February 26, 2010

RJ is 6

Last Weekend we celebrated RJ's 6th birthday. Friday, he got to wear this cool hat at school. He felt pretty special.
Friday night the kids got to stay up late and meet Papa Wight at the airport. They made these signs for him.

It was a fun weekend having Papa around. He hasn't missed one of RJ's birthdays yet. We appreciate his thoughtfulness. Thanks for coming. We enjoyed the visit.

Savannah doing Papa's hair.

RJ's birthday was Saturday, the 20th. He couldn't wait to open his gifts. So after a delicious French Toast breakfast, we let him open his presents.

We had bought some DVD-R a few days before and Jared suggested we wrap them and give them to RJ so he could have more presents to unwrap. RJ is really into making "movies" with our camera. So we wrapped them up for him. His first reaction was: "What the heck is this??" Then Jared explained that they were to put his movies on so he could watch them on the TV like as a real DVD. He got so excited. It turned out to be his best present. We had a good laugh about that.

The original Star Wars trilogy. (The gift we thought would be his favorite :)

Opening Papa's present, a balance board that all the kids have enjoyed.

Savannah got RJ some more Lego. During Zachery's nap they built a Lego car and helicopter.

Isn't this a great picture.
Zachery is a HUGE Momma's boy. He doesn't go to other people very easily. I was worried about his reaction with Papa Wight. At this age RJ would cry anytime Hawk got too close. Zachery on the other hand kept his distance for the first day and then gradually warmed up. Jared handed Zachery off to Hawk Saturday afternoon. Zachery whimpered but didn't do is bloody murder cry that most people get when they try to hold him. The whimpering didn't last long when he realized Mom or Dad weren't going to take him back and he decided Papa wasn't too bad.

Saturday afternoon we went to Amazement Square. This is a very fun Kids discovery play museum we have here in Lynchburg. We went our first day in town after we moved here and bought a season pass. The kids love it and it made for a great Free birthday activity.

After Amazement Square we came home for Cake and a nap. This year RJ requested a Light Saber cake. This was by far the easiest birthday cake we made and it looked great!

And for dinner we drove over to Roanoke for a fufilled evening a Chuck E Cheese's.

Out of all three of them Savannah surprised us by being super terrified of Chuck E Cheese. She hid under the table shaking when he came into the room. She kept her eye on him making sure he never got near her. But she had no problem calling him on the phone.

On the way home that night, RJ said this was the best birthday ever! And that nobody could have had a better day. That of course made our day!

Happy Birthday Bud, we love you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dancing Princess

Dancing is one of Savannah's favorite things to do. She also loves to "sing" and preform "shows" even though half her lyrics are made up words we like to call Savannah language.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In

The last weekend in January we had another big snow storm. Churches were closed Sunday and Schools were out all week. Funny thing is, the roads were pretty much clear during the week. RJ spent some time out sledding with a neighbor boy. Savannah stayed inside sick during the first few days of the week. RJ soon came down with a cough and by the end of the week Zachery was ill. He is now suffering from an awful ear infection in both ears. His third infection since Thanksgiving, Yikes! I've been busy trying to keep the kids somewhat entertained with trips to library, work sheets copied from various learning books, and lots of board games, on top of cleaning up sick messes. RJ was anxious to get back to School Monday.
RJ reading to Savannah when she wasn't feeling to good. She actually fell asleep listening to him.

Play time with daddy. They were on a big sword fighting adventure when Savannah stopped them and said they needed dinner. She had a large picnic for her warriors. It was pretty cute.

RJ is really into playing Monopoly. With school canceled all week he got to stay up a few nights and we played Monopoly together. He has gotten really good at counting money and making change.

Savannah's game of choice-Pretty, Pretty Princess

Friday, we had another snow storm. I think we only got a total of 10 or 11 inches between the two storms. Not nearly as bad as DC and farther North.

Savannah was finally aloud to go outside and play. She was so excited. Her and I made a snow man together during Zachery's nap. Later Jared and RJ did some more sledding.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video of Zachery

I just love his laugh. He is so proud of himself. He always laughs like this when he is using his little walker to walk.