Life in the Wight House

Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I have been MIA

So I haven't been a very good about keeping a family journal and I want to do better. Life has been VERY busy!!!! I am going to try it all again, just might not get to the pictures as quickly as before.

So what have I been doing???? Being mom and many other things. Here is a look into my recent morning.

6:20 am - said goodbye to family that was in town for RJ's baptism.
6:30 am - Jared takes extended family to airport and then heads to work
6:45 am - comforted my sad boy who hates goodbyes with a passion.
7:00 am - took a much needed shower (hadn't gotten one since Friday night)
7:05 am - was interrupted by my two year old telling me he peed on the floor downstairs
7:15 am - got dressed, changed two year old and his sheets (they were wet as well)
7:25 am - quickly combed threw my hair and then got all three kids a bowl of cereal
7:30 am - cleaned up pee on carpet
7:32 am - told the two older kids to get dressed for school
7:35 am - finished cleaning the carpet
7:40 am - pour a bowl of cereal for myself
7:45 am - was told to come quick because two year old was throwing up
7:46 am - catching throw up in towel that was laying close by
7:50 am - rushing said two year old to bathroom to finish his job
7:55 am - remind two older kids to get dressed for school while filling up the bath water
8:00 am - two year old in bath, kids FINALLY getting dressed, I'm cleaning up throw up.
8:10 am - Start brushing daughters hair
8:12 am - Stop brushing hair and go up stairs to tell son to stop splashing bath water on the floor
8:13 am - resume brushing hair
8:15 am - stop brushing hair to answer door (we take a neighbor boy to school every Monday and Wednesday)
8:17 am - get child out of bath tub and dressed
8:22 am - put daughter's hair in pony tail
8:24 am - call another neighbor and ask if the kids can walk to school with them (Thank goodness for neighbors)
8:25 am - throw together a quick lunch for the kids
8:30 am - help get shoes and coats on, send kids out the back door
8:31 am - breath again
8:33 am - clean up cereal bowls
8:36 am - put my hair in pony tail and sink into the computer chair
8:40 am - remember that I still haven't put all the soiled clothes and towels in the laundry, sigh and push it off for a latter.

Wow ... What a morning. Other then the busy life of a wife and mother, I have been the kids taxi driver. Savannah has been taking ballet once a week and she goes to girl scouts every other week. I am the assistant leader for her troop and am required to be there for every meeting. RJ is taking violin lessons just before school on Tuesday and Friday mornings so those mornings are a little more hazy as too the fact that we all have to be ready and out the door before 8:15. RJ is just about to start cub scouts which he is most excited about. He has been looking forward to this adventure since he was three. His first den meeting is this Wednesday.

Monday mornings I usually drop Zachery off at a friends house and I volunteer at the school library. But as mentioned above, circumstance aren't allowing me to do that today. And I am grateful for the break. We had family visiting for RJ's Baptism this past weekend and I can use the down time today to get the extra laundry and things done.

I am also the cookie mom for Savannah's daisy troop. It has been a busy month with cookie sales and booths to keep track of. We still have one more month till that adventure is over.

We bought a membership to the YMCA last summer, I try to get there a couple times a week but things keep popping up. My pants started to get too tight over the holiday season and I am still struggling to get them buttoned up. Too many girl scout cookies.

I am also the second consular in the Relief Society and have had many more responsibilities added to my plate from that calling. But I very much enjoy it.

I am still a layout artist for Scrap Girls. Our assignments were cut in half so I am not too bogged down with that, anymore. I still love creating digital scrapbook pages, they are my outlet from a busy day or busy week. It is my time to relax and unwind.

And in November I did something I told myself I won't do. I signed up for another party planning company. I LOVED SimplyFun and stepped away from it because I spent more money then I made and I honestly didn't have the time for it. I said if I ever did it again I would return back to SimplyFun, but I honestly didn't think I would look that direction for a long time since party's really weren't my thing. However, I was reintroduced to Heritage Makers and I knew I wanted to print with them. None of my digital layouts had been printed, I create books and calendars every year and I am always looking for the cheapest, high quality, and creative way to do that. Also I have always wanted to help people learn how to organize and create with their digital pictures. Heritage Makers had all that and more and so I signed up. I am enjoying what I am creating and printing, I don't have as much time as I like for the business side of it but I try.

So in a nut shell that is why I have been MIA from the blogging world. I want to come back as it is an easy way to document our families day to day life and keep better in touch with family so I am going to try and make a better effort at it.

Though my life can be hectic at times, I try to keep my proprieties in order. I strive to keep
family and my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father my top priority and I have learned that as I do that my other activities seems to fall into place and I am much happier and less stressed. Some days I don't get to the cleaning and my much desired hobby or the book I wanted to read gets pushed aside but as I focus on the important I seem to find a little time here and there for the wants.

I am enjoying life and am happy to be me!