Life in the Wight House

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Highlights from July 2012

We celebrated our 4th with friends, BBQ, games and fireworks. The perfect way to spend an evening! 

 The kids lining up and getting safety tips before playing with sparklers.

Our friend's neighbors put on a nice show which we enjoyed watching. 
Afterwards we did a few of our own ground fireworks.

Future Bride
Savannah is already starting to dream of her wedding. She found my veil and made Zach dress up and be her groom. It was so funny to watch as she told him exactly what he was supposed to do. For awhile he refused to wear the dress coat, he wanted to wear a cape but Savannah insisted and she finally got her way. 

Why I hate deer! 
We never did get a garden planted this year like we had hoped. However, I was able to plant a few tomatoes in planters. I have been bringing them in the carport every evening but one night I forgot and guess who got lunch!

 Savannah finally lost her first tooth!
 After a month of wiggling it, it finally came out and three weeks later another one came out. Savannah is so unlike RJ when it comes to loose teeth. She will nurse the tooth and slowly wiggle it patiently waiting for it to fall out on it's own. Whereas RJ wouldn't wait, he would just yank and pull till it came out. 

RJ's New School

 RJ was invited to attend the GO Center for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade. This is the Gift Opportunity Program and only 50 third graders are invited out of the whole school district. We are very proud of him. Savannah is sad to not have RJ in the same school as her anymore, but we are all excited for RJ's new opportunity.
We were able to meet the principal and take a private tour of the 3 story school. The school was built in 1926 and was originally a high school. It is a really neat old building with a beautiful old auditorium including balcony seating and original folding chairs. The inside gym as an old spiral staircase in the corner leading by to a raised indoor track. It was very cool. As part of the tour the principal took us up to the roof of the building where we were able to see a good deal of the city.


It was "dress like a cow and get free food" @ chick-fil-A day. So we went for lunch and joined some friends and the rest of the crazy town for some spotted fun.

 We even talked Daddy in on the fun! 

Poor Guy

He doesn't look to happy, but he is! He LOVES playing with his sister and she LOVES dressing him up and making him do what she wants him to do. He was talked into dressing as a baby and crawling around following Savannah around. Poor, kid.