Life in the Wight House

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is finally over!

We just finished our last Christmas, what a week this has been. I am looking forward to tomorrow and resting! We have no more demanding plans for the rest of the time we are here in CA and that makes me very happy. I enjoy spending the holidays with extended family. We don't get to see any of them very often. But it is so stressful and long trying to make each parent and grandparent happy, moving from house to house. We had a totally of 6 Christmas's!! Crazy! I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We made it to CA

So we are in CA now. We flew in on Wednesday. Our plane in Idaho Falls was delayed and it looked like we might not make it to Sacramento till Thursday morning. But when we got into Salt Lake City for our lay over, our other plane had been delayed as well and we made the second flight just in time. We were all very excited.
The kids were excited about the airplane. RJ thought it was the neatest thing to be on an airplane. He enjoyed his window seat view and was very good the whole trip. Savannah did pretty well. She didn't want to wear her seat beat and had a little screaming fit but once she calmed down she was fine the rest of the way. On the second flight she did complain about her ears hurting. The girl who steals and chews all the gum in the house, wouldn't take a piece of gum on the plane. Luckily she did fall asleep but unfortunately it was 15 minutes before we landed. Nether the less, we made it to Sacramento with little problems.
We stayed in Sacramento till the weekend. We enjoyed time with Jared's dad, who has two new kitties and a puppy. The kids loved the new animals, especially the cats. They couldn't get enough of them. I think they were glad when we left.
We celebrated Jared's 28th birthday Friday night. Hawk (his dad) and Molly took us to an Asian Buffet. It was seriously the best buffet I have been to. There was tons of Sea Food that satisfied the birthday boy. And there was lots of yummy Chinese dishes that I enjoyed since I could care less about Sea Food. The down side of the evening was Savannah came down with a Fever. She slept all the way through dinner and ate only a few pieces of Jello that night. RJ broke out into Hives and had trouble breathing after we left the restaurant. Even though he didn't eat anything new, we think he might have some allergy to Sea Food and some oils or something touched his food.
Both kids have had awful colds. RJ's cough is horrible but he seems to be on the down hill. Savannah's fever only lasted Friday night but she still wasn't herself Saturday. Today seems to be a little better. Hopefully they are both well for Christmas, it will be a bummer having sick kids on such a busy exciting day.
Sorry no pictures.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

We have had a lot of snow and it has been so cold!!!!! I think it started snowing Monday. We had some sunny weather for awhile after that but it wasn't warm enough to melt anything.

Savannah in the snow Monday 12/8

Sunday is dropped big time! When we left for church at 1pm that afternoon the temperature was 6 degree. Crazy cold! Our toilet pipe froze again and it took half the day to unfreeze it.

Here is RJ sucking on an ice cycle.

Trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

Here is the snow in our front yard today, 12/16
Today and yesterday have been a little warmer. I would let the kids go out and play, as I really have not the past week because of the cold. But unfortunately, both kids have a bit of a bad cold and I need them to stay warm and rest for awhile before we fly out CA tomorrow. So besides the few outside photos, we have been enjoying our first snow storm from inside. Hopefully January will allow for warmer play time.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've been published!

As I mentioned before, I was asked to write a tutorial for one of my Scrapbooking pages. My tutorial was published in the Scrap Girls newsletter today. But of course they spelled my name wrong, as always. (Wright instead of Wight) It is still so exciting! Here is the link: (the tutorial is towards the bottom, today's newsletter was a long one!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Belgium Update

Some of you have heard what is going on with Belgium and others keep asking what is up. I guess I better fill everyone in. So here is the story.

Jared had a job interview in Belgium in September. They really wanted him and were hoping to settle things the end of October and bring him over in December/January. The lab here in Idaho didn’t want to see Jared go. They convinced him that it would be better if he stayed here with the Idaho National Lab and they would put him on assignment in Belgium for a few years. After looking into details, this was definitely the better deal over all. The lab here planned on sending Jared out in January.

We want to go to Belgium for several reasons. The first is the job experience; and another big reason is for education. Jared wants to get his Masters in Nuclear Engineering. They have a great program in Belgium. It would probably be considered more of a fast track program compared to programs here in the States. So he will be able to get his Masters done quickly and he would be able to go to school during the day with out taking night classes. He has been having a hard time getting his masters done here because he has been on travel so much and they don’t offer courses he is interested in.

So that was the plan and we were getting ready to move. We sold all or living room furniture, except the couch and we were starting on a few other items to prepare for our over seas move.

After finishing the kitchen flooring, Jared put the For Sale sign up. Once we got an actually date we were going to list with a realtor. However, a couple days later the Idaho Lab said they had no funding to send us to Belgium. Jared called Belgium to see if their position was still available but they had fulfilled it thinking Jared was still joining them through Idaho.

At this point we were very frustrated, especially after selling and giving away a lot of things.

As of now it is assumed that the lab might have the funds to send us around April. If this happens it would perfect. I can stay here and have the baby, and not have to stress or worry about having a baby in a foreign country and Jared will still enjoy the job he wants while getting his Masters.

It is not definite yet if we will go to Belgium this spring. If not, Jared will most likely be doing a lot of traveling. Which means he will never get his master done, unless he switches jobs and we wouldn’t see him as often. So we are praying that Belgium does work out in the Spring.

But then again whatever happens, happens. We believe that things happen for a reason and the Lord has His own plans in mind. As long as we our living our lives worthy of Him he will bless us with the things best for our family.

Our house is still up for sale. Jared is tired of old houses. If he will be traveling a lot he won’t have much time to fix things if things go wrong. So either way we plan on selling the house. I just hope I don’t have to move while big and pregnant.

So that is the story as of now. We just have to wait and see what the future really holds for us.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It is snowing

The trees are pretty again with snow flakes and frost. Our first winter snow is here and I am sure it will probably be here to stay. There is only about a half inch on the ground but it is still snowing. The kids are extermly excited and can't wait to get outside and play.
I'm excited for the beauty the snow brings, but I am not looking forward to driving in it. Glad I got most of my Christmas shopping done. Just wish our garage wasn't full of boxes so the car could stay dry. I hate standing out in the cold to brush snow and ice of the windows.
I'm sure we will have pictures in the snow soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Weekend

Well this was a pretty good week. We got most of our Christmas shopping done through Amazon and I picked up a few things in town. I think I only have two more things to get. We leave for California on the 17th and we are all excited to enjoy the Holidays with family. We haven’t been home for the holidays since before Savannah was born, so this will be her first Christmas with her grandparents.

We had a ward party Saturday morning. We had a terrific breakfast and some fun entrainment from many of the children in the ward. Savannah enjoyed watching the performances and danced to every song sung. The primary children were asked to get on stage and sing a few Christmas carols. Savannah isn’t primary age yet but she wanted so bad to perform something. We let her get on stage with RJ and she stood there through out both songs pretending she knew the words. It was very cute. I brought the camera but when we went to take a picture we realized that the memory card wasn’t inside. So much for pictures.

After the music Santa came. RJ’s eyes lit up once he walked in the room. He was so very excited and rushed over with two of his buddies to wait their turn in line to sit on the big guys lap. He told Santa he wanted the Mario Kart Wii and that his dad wanted it to. He also wanted Indiana Jones Legos.

Savannah wouldn’t go near Santa. She was perfectly happy watching him from afar. We however tried to get her up there for a picture. (A guy in the ward was taken photos of each child on Santa’s lap.) We finally got her up on stage but she wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap, she stood by him and said Merry Christmas and then she was done.

Later that afternoon Jared took RJ and his friend to the library to see Santa again. I wasn’t sure if it was such a great idea seeing two Santa’s in the same day. But we had mentioned the event to RJ and I knew he would be upset if he missed it. He also said earlier that he forgot to tell Santa one more thing he wanted, the Indiana Jones Lego Wii game. RJ came home saying that that Santa was different. He stated that he wasn’t wearing his glasses like the first and he was scarier looking. I guess RJ didn’t talk to this one but did sit on his lap for a picture. His friend was indifferent and told RJ that there were lots of different Santas. RJ expected his answer and really hasn’t questioned it.

That night Jared took me to the Idaho Falls Nutcracker performance. I was excited to see the ballet. My remember might be awful but I remember seeing it in San Francisco many times when I was younger. (It might have only been once or twice, but it seemed like we went quite a few times) But anyhow, I have always enjoyed the Nutcracker so I was very excited to enjoy it again. There were so many little girls in the audience it made me very grateful to have a little girl and look forward to one day making the Nutcracker a tradition with her. Hope she likes it as much as I do.

The babysitter had both kids in bed when we got home, which was a real treat. Usually RJ is still up. Unfortunately, Savannah woke up several times in the middle of the night with a upset stomach. She lost whatever she ate that night. I know the babysitter feed them corn dogs or dinner but since I wasn’t home I really wasn’t sure what else Savannah ate that might have upset her stomach so much.

Needless to say we are all exhausted and are taking an easy relaxing Sunday off. Savannah is back to her normal self but we didn’t want to push anything. So that is an update on our weekend.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I feel so honored!

I am so excited!!! Scrap Girls loved my Layout I posted in their November Lay Out Contest. I was hoping to be chosen and win a gift certificate for $10 but they just emailed me and asked if I could write a tutorial for their newsletter and they will give me a $15 gift certificate. They have so many great products and my cart is over flowing with wants, a free $15 dollars at their site will go a long way. Now I just have to remember how I created this look. Here is my $15 Lay Out.

The Joys of a Two Year Old

Savannah has been having hard mornings lately. She isn’t the biggest breakfast or lunch fan. She doesn’t care for sandwiches too much and she’ll eat cereal depending on the day. Sometimes I have her eat a yogurt for breakfast or oatmeal or fruit or something when she is having her no cereal fits.

This morning she did have a small bowl of cereal. But after dropping RJ off at preschool she claimed she was still hungry and wanted candy. After a lot of persuasion, we agreed on having a yogurt instead. This is another ordeal because it takes her forever to decide which flavor she wants.

She couldn’t decide and spied a pudding cup in fridge. I gave in. It was a Lemon Pudding that nobody really liked anyway. She took a bite of it and decided she didn’t really care for it and wanted the raspberry yogurt instead.

After eating half the yogurt cup she went upstairs to watch Dora. I decided to take a shower at the time since Dora usually keeps her pretty occupied. I didn’t bother removing the half eaten yogurt from the table or the untouched pudding cup.

We don’t have cable TV or anything so the kids watch all their favorite TV shows on DVD. The Dora DVD apparently had a scratch in it (like so many other DVDs) so Savannah’s interest was lost and she wondered downstairs. I heard hear in my room near the bathroom. I knew she was up to something because she didn’t come into the bathroom and I kept hearing this clanking sound.

I called to her and asked what she was doing; her response was to the close door between the bedroom and the bathroom. That’s when I knew for sure she was doing something she shouldn’t be doing.

I hurried up in the shower and got out as quick as I could. She was gone by then. The yogurt cup was now lying on the floor empty and yogurt was smeared all over some picture frames and my full length mirror.

I got dressed and cleaned up the mess. As I was cleaning the thought came to my mind, ‘Yogurt is probably all over Savannah’s hands. I wondered were else she smeared it’

I slowly walked the halls and up the stairs looking for yogurt. I was surprised to find none.

But I did find Savannah at the top to the stairs with the pudding cup and Lemon Pudding smeared all over the couch pillow, large stuffed tiger, and herself. What a mess!

Getting ready for Christmas

So we went out Friday afternoon for some great deals on clothing. The Black Friday madness had slowed down a bit and we really had no problem in the few stores we stopped at. Shopko had children's clothing at 50% off and RJ was in need of some new church pants and Savannah needed new shoes. It is incredible how fast kids grow. Jared and I also needed at least one new pair of pants.
So as we were looking through the toddler clothes for RJ, we couldn't help but look through all the cute Christmas dresses as well. We found this one and I just couldn't pass it up. It was just too adorable to not get. And luckily Payless was having their BOGO sell, so we were able to get this adorable boots to match it. I love little girl clothes, they are just so cute! Savannah loves her new dress as well. Isn't she just the cutest!

This is her 'no more pictures' look.

After Church on Sunday, we decorated the tree. The kids loved the activity. They are at such a fun Christmas age. It makes the magic of Christmas much more magical.
I took a lot of photos of the kids, you have been warned. Many of the decorations were clumped together on the bottom and after the kids went to bed I had to redecorate. But I have some great shots of the kids helping out.

Doesn't RJ look stunning int his new Christmas outfit. Gotta love 50% off sales!

Savannah's typical stance, hands on the hips.

After the hanging the ornaments on the tree it was time for the topper. Both kids had to have their try.

And then the Stockings were hung.

Savannah heard the word stocking and had a different idea of what they were for.

Next was the most anticipated part, the train.

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving filled with so much wonderful yummy food! We went to my Aunt's house in Rexburg like we have done for the past few years. This year however I have a cousin and her little family who just moved up to the area as well. So we had more people which means more traditions to pull for which means more food. There was a ton and we enjoyed it all.

RJ and Savannah both helped make a dish. Savannah helped me make a layered Jello dessert. She was an excellent little helper. And she named each one of the layers. It was cute. The Raspberry/Blackberry layer she named Raspberry Tart, the Lime layer was just called Green, the Orange layer was Orange Blossom, the Lemon layer was Little Mermaid, and the Strawberry layer was of course, Strawberry Shortcake. It was very cute.

RJ helped Daddy make the pumpkin pies which turned out great! Every year we freeze our pumpkin we scoop out from our Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns and save it to make our Thanksgiving pies. This year we could have saved just a little more pumpkin. We didn't have quite enough to fill the crust. But there were lots of yummy pies, it didn't matter.

That evening Doug and Erica and their three cute kids stayed the night. They had come up from Utah to have Thanksgiving with some of their relatives. We enjoyed having them at our home and RJ loved entertaining the twins and baby Eden.

We had an enjoyable Cragio's Pizza lunch before they headed back to Utah. Nothing beats Cragio's!

Saturday evening we had Amy and her family over for dinner. Rylie and RJ played so well together, we hardly heard them. He seems to play better with the girls then he does the boys. Savannah and Madison were our little entertainers for the evening. They themselves a little band and performed many songs. It was too cute for words.