Life in the Wight House

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our little miracle of kindness

I feel very humbled and blessed. We have had a struggle with unexpected challenges lately. First the keys were lost. In the process of getting new keys, our emergency brake was broken (and AAA still won't fix it), then earlier this week our heat went out. After calling an electrician we were excited to learn it was just a breaker. So it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. But unexpected bills and the Christmas season adds a lot of extra stress.

Yesterday we opened a letter in the mail from a secret Santa, who gave us some unexpected cash. Upon receiving the donation, my heart was humbled tremendously. I feel extremely blessed and thankful. I know that the Lord watches over us, no challenge is too small for Him. He loves us and blesses us. I can't express my deep gratitude for the individual who was so generous. I pray that he/she will be blessed for their kindness and I thank my Heavenly Father for His great Love and blessings.

Christ lives and loves us! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party

Guess who just turned 30 .........

He did!
I wanted a photo of Jared blowing out his 30 candles on top of his delicious mint ice cream cake, but I realized a little too late that my camera wasn't in my hands :( hopefully some friends have that on their camera.
We celebrated Jared's birthday and had a wonderful Christmas party with friends on the 19th. The children dressed up in costumes and performed the Nativity. We hope to possibly make this a yearly tradition. It was a terrific evening.

Here are the Shepherds and Narrator:

Zachery was our sheep:

The 3 Wise Men:

The Angels:

Mary and Joseph:

Mary on the birthday boy as the donkey:

Mary and baby Jesus:

The full cast:

And here is our 1st Nativity Christmas Play if you are interested in watching it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zachery's Hiding Spot

Where were the keys the past 4 weeks? Let me show you......

This is our kitchen table:
Now, let's get down low...... become the height of a 20 month old......

This is the view at our new level:
See that little shelf under the table? That's where the keys have been!

RJ found them while looking under the table for his bouncy ball.

Friday, December 17, 2010

One of Life's Equations

2 weeks car-less + a $175 bill + a broken parking brake + a new set of keys + another 2 weeks time = one excited boy finding old set of car keys!

How do I feel???? Uggh!

Our week thus far

Last weekend we had our ward Christmas party. In preparation for it, we were invited to a friends house for lunch and gingerbread house decorating. It was fun. Savannah and her friends each decorated their own gingerbread houses and they were used as center pieces during our ward Christmas dinner. (My friend, Jessica, took these pictures and had them on her blog. I just had to download them onto our blog since I have no pictures)

(Savannah's is the one on the right)

Sunday, RJ gave a talk in primary. His theme was "I know that my Redeemer lives" After talking about the topic a little and discussing some idea, RJ wrote out and delivered his talk with little help. We were so proud of him. I wanted to document his talk (including his own phonics).

"I know Jeesus lives becus when I read the scripshrs I am hapee. I trie to reed the Book of Mormen evry day with my dad. I want to finish it befor my 8th brthday. The Book of Mormen teechis us how to liv awer life like Jeesus. And when I foloe Jeesus I am hapee. Jeesus wants every boty to come to him. We can come to him by coming to chrch. And lising to mishinarees. And saing awr prers. I know Jeesus livs and I hop u do to. In the name of Jeesus Crist amen."

Yesterday, school was canceled, Jared stayed home from work, and we canceled book club as well, why??? Because we got snow!!! A storm rolled in around 7 am and dumped about 3-4 inches on us. It is crazy how everything shuts down when it snows. So not like Idaho. But I do understand why things are canceled and I wasn't going to attempt to drive anywhere anyway. Lynchburg is full of hills and things get icy here quick. Jared started heading into work yesterday morning but had to but his truck into 4 wheel drive just to make it over a hill getting out of the neighborhood. He made it to the gas station and called a friend at work who said not to even bother. So many people didn't show up and the ones who did were planning on living by noon. So he took the day off and spent it organizing our basement to make room for his long desired workshop. The kids LOVED the snow and after lunch we got together with our neighbor and went sledding. Zachery had a blast! He couldn't get enough of the sled, he laughed the whole time during each ride. Here are a few photos of him all bundled up ready for his first time playing in the snow like a big boy.
(Yes he is wearing pink gloves, I'm not sure what gloves RJ wore at this age, but the pink ones were all I could find that would fit him. And no, my camera is not fixed completely. But I am able to take pictures in fully Manuel mode. It is just my automatic focus that is not working).

School was canceled again today because there is snow on the ground. But Jared did make it in to work. The sun is shinning and the snow crystals are sparking. I love the beauty of it. We are going to try to get out and enjoy it some more today before it all melts. Wish us warm thoughts.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bits and Piece of Our Life

So, I didn’t do much posting in November and here it is getting close to mid-December and I still haven’t gotten around to the blog world. I have a few things I just want to document for our family journal about what life has been like in the “Wight House.”

No need to read further, unless you really want to hear about it, but it may not be all that interesting to you. And it is a long post.

I have no pictures to share, as I mentioned before our camera is broken. Our little camera broke sometime in October. The kids usually use it to take pictures around the house. Well after a picture taking adventure the camera went missing. We believed it feel between the couch cushions. We were right but unfortunately when we found it, the couch had been moved slightly and the frame landed on LCD screen and broke it. So no more camera. Then around Thanksgiving, my SLR camera stopped working. I think the lens needs to be cleaned but that will cost a little extra to get fixed and since Christmas is around the corner, we don’t have the little extra. This means no camera for Christmas photos either. That is a hard one for me to swallow.

However, with my break from photo taken, I have been catching up on scrapbooking my many past photos. Some day my dream is to be completely caught up with my scrap page. Wonder if that will ever happen? But that is my dream anyway.

Another frustrating event in our lives took place just a week before Thanksgiving. I lost the keys to the car. It was one of those crazy days. I came home from a community bible study class that I have been attending and both kids were asleep upon pulling into the drive way. I then unloaded the car full of the kid’s art projects, coats, my study material, purse, etc. I placed everything on our oversized chair in the front room and then transported Zachery and Savannah to their beds for an afternoon nap. Instead of cleaning up my “dump” pile I made myself some lunch and then spent the next few hours scrapbooking while the kids slept.

Once Savannah and Zachery woke up I made them lunch and then it was time to pick RJ up from school. School is in walking distance and the weather was still nice so, the “dump pile” with the keys lying on the arm rest was still ignored. We then proceed with our afternoon homework routine followed by letting the kids play and watch TV to their hearts desire while I made dinner. We were having the missionaries over for dinner that night so I was in survival mode trying to get dinner ready on time and clean up a little. (However, I never got around to the cleaning so the house was a mess when they arrived.)

I remember being prompted to pick up my keys and hang them up. But I don’t really remember anything after that prompting. Obliviously, I didn’t follow the prompting. I don’t remember if I ignored it completely or if I started to pick up the keys but got distracted. Either way the keys didn’t make it to the key rack. It was a whirl wind of a night. I remember being stressed out and wishing Jared would get home early to help entertain the kids while I got everything ready for company.

Well, the missionaries came, we had a pleasant evening with them and then once they left I got ready for a much needed girls night out (it was book club night). But when I went to leave, I couldn’t find the keys. The downstairs was a mess so I just figured Zachery got a hold of the keys and they were lost in the toy mess. Since I was running late I just drove Jared’s truck and thought I’d search for the keys later. Well, to make a long story short, we never did find the keys. We searched through the house for two weeks. We prayed, we fasted, no keys. Luckily, we have two vehicles and Jared had a Thanksgiving holiday break from work so we were easily able to make one car work for a while. Once school started, I was still able to get RJ to and form school easily since we live only a block away, another blessing.

While I was on my knees asking to help us find our keys my words were directed to asking for financial help to pay for a new set. These keys are the type that has to be programmed. Our car had to be towed to the dealer, where they could program a new key. The key, key fob, and service totaled $175. Expensive keys!!! Luckily Jared followed a prompting a few months back and signed up for AAA. We were able to have our car towed and the first three miles were free. Well, it was exactly 3 miles to the dealer from our house. HUGE blessing! And the night that my prayers shifted from finding the keys to financial support we received a reimbursement check that we had forgotten about. It wasn’t a lot but it was a help. So anyway, after two weeks without a car, we finally got a new set of keys. However the tow truck did break our emergency break, so we are still working that out.

Ok, enough with the car. After Thanksgiving, we had a situation with RJ’s teacher. We had to talk with the principal about it; I think it is finally worked out. Time will only tell. It is so hard to send your children out in the world and protect them from things when they aren’t right there under your wing. But the principal of his school is awesome. She was very sincere, and helpful and I have no doubt that she will help fix our little situation.

RJ has struggled with the personality clash he has with his teacher. She is very firm and RJ is so tenderhearted. When she is strict with the entire class or even one single child, he takes personally hard. After talking with RJ about learning how to cope with different people RJ tried to warm up to her a little bit and made her a book. In his words she didn’t even smile or say Thank you when he gave her the book he worked so hard on. That just made my heart break. The issue we talked with the principal about was a moral issue and I won’t discuss it here. But I pray things will work out and continue well the rest of the school year.

The Christmas season is here. It is hard believing it without the snow. I got so used to having a white Christmas while in Idaho. We did have a brief snow fall last weekend. But the dusting lasted half a day. It was pretty when it was here and we hope to get a little more for the kids to enjoy.

I think we are close to being done with our Christmas shopping, however I still have many projects I am trying to finish up. I have had to give myself a lot of pep talks about what we need or don’t need, what we can afford and what we can’t. It is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. I want to give, give, give, but my pocket book doesn’t allow for it and then I fell slightly depressed. I need to remember what the true spirit of Christmas is and remember Christ in all things. Sometimes I wish I can move to a remote island where the worlds “needs” aren’t smacking me in the face every time I turn around. *Sigh*

We had a stomach bug run through our family last week. It was just a 24hr bug; we each took turns passing it around and being sick for a day. It was a fun week. So this week I will be busy cleaning everything!!!

On the day Jared was sick, I took the kids to our ward Christmas party. Santa was there. Savannah was so excited to sit on his lap, however RJ had a panic attack. He went back and forth whether or not he was going to sit on Santa’s lap. He finally opted out when he learned he would get one of the little Santa gifts anyway. It is funny how different those too are.

We are excited for family to visit us this season. Jared mother is flying in for Christmas and my parents, brothers, and grandmother is coming for New Years. We can’t wait to have them.

Well I think that has caught our blog up to date. I just remembered RJ is supposed to give a talk today in Primary and we haven’t prepared anything. Oops, time to get moving on that.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I LOVE this photo!
Both RJ and Zachery needed a haircut. Both of them HATE having their hair cut. We were finally able to talk RJ into it, but Zachery ran away screaming every time we got close. So instead of cutting his hair we spiked the whole thing. I thought he looked pretty dang cut with his spiked afro. And we did happen to go out that night to a friends home for a Thanksgiving pie party, so Zachery was able to show off his spikes for a crowd.

Zachery is our sweet little boy with a developing attitude. He will definitely let you know when he isn't happy with something. He is very good at demanding our attention by calling our name over and over until we look at him and the minute we look away he is calling us again. He also is very good at getting into things he isn't supposed to be in. He loves to climb and loves to be outside. Zachery adores his older brother and sister, especially Savannah. He loves to play with her and torture her. One of his favorite things to do is pull her hair. He uses this tactic a lot when she watches TV instead of play with him, he easily lets her know that he isn't happy by her choice of activity. But he always redeems his bad behavior by lots of sweet hugs and kisses.

Zachery definitely keeps us busy, but when nap time or bed comes around he is a gem. Right after lunch he waves his hand and says "bye-bye" and gives us kisses. This is his way of asking to go to sleep. And some afternoons he doesn't even get that far and crashes on the table. I love it! Zachery also takes really long naps. It is his way of resting for the next run of the house, and gives myself a good break in between the chasing.

The other day RJ came running into the room absolutely terrified. Saying "Mom, Mom! Zachery is in trouble. I don't know what he did, or what it is he has, but he is in big trouble!!" Ok, now that doesn't sound good so I follow RJ into the bathroom and find this:

Now why Zachery decided to just paint the lipstick on his checks, I don't know. Maybe it was his war paint. But it was too funny! And RJ's terrified concerns, made me laugh even harder. Needless to say, Zachery's checks were pink for the rest of the day.

As a tradition, we have taken the kid's 18 month pictures dressed up as a cowboy. Zachery turned 18 months October 4th. I am a little behind sharing these, but here they are:

(Zach is the king of crazy looks. This one is one of his classic expressions, with his lip turned up like Elvis. Love it!)