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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Looking Straight ahead not Sideways

This morning I have been reminded of prayer, personal revelation, and eyes focused on the Lord. 
Carter has been waking me up between the hours of 4 and 5 am. He goes back to sleep quickly after his lost binkie is found. I on the other hand get up knowing my alarm will go off soon anyway. Being Saturday I was hoping to go back to sleep, but couldn't. So I got up and forced myself into a morning routine of prayer and scripture study. 
This morning I have realized my routine hasn't been as uplifting as it once was. This past week my prayers have been out of habit. My study was lost to distractions. Looking back I know that this was the roots of my tough week. 
This morning I tried a little harder. I started out of habit but pushed myself to dig a little deeper and try a little harder. And even though my extra effort of minimal, I was still taught!! I almost missed it because it was so simple, quiet, so basic, so sweet. 
God truly is there waiting for us to come to Him, to teach us, to direct us, to guide us in our daily battles even the tiniest of battles. He is there. 
So this morning my mind was cloudy, tired, lost of direction. I read Mosiah 2. The beginning of King Benjamin's address to his people. I was taught 3 things to help guide my direction. 

Family is number one (the people stayed in tents as families to hear the words of the prophet. They didn't mingle with friends. They worshiped and discussed their teachings as family and extended family) 

Focus on Christ and the words of prophets (the people's tents were facing in one direction, with one purpose. They weren't looking around for other instructions. They were focused straight ahead towards the voice of the prophet.)

Write and share (there were so many at this event. Not everyone could hear. The prophet's words were written and passed from tent to tent so everyone could learn and have access to the message.) 

I get giddy when things click. In my tiredness and drifting mind I almost missed the teaching. It was just a story but as I fought for clarity I picked up on the subtleness of the spirit trying to teach me to keep my focus on my family and Christ words. Write down what I am taught and never stop sharing. 

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